Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sinful Nature

Stacy Nyikos tagged me with this sinful post:

"Sometimes you can learn more about a person by what they don’t tell you. Sometimes you can learn a lot from the things they just make up. If you are tagged with this Meme, lie to me. Then tag 7 other folks (one for each deadly sin) and hope they can lie."

Pride -- What is your biggest contribution to the world?
My amazing backrubs and massages. Just ask my husband.

Envy -- What do your coworkers have that you wish was yours?
Bosses. I need to be told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

Gluttony -- What did you eat last night?
Black Bear Stew. We have so many bears in our yard that I'm able to make it once a week. It's yummy in the crock-pot, especially with taters and carrots.

Lust -- What really lights your fire?
Those little telephone ear thingies. There's something sexy about a man who talks out loud when he's walking around by himself.

Anger -- What is the last thing that really pissed you off?
When the president swatted that fly on television. So cruel.

Greed -- Name something you hoard and keep from others.
Montana's famous huckleberry taffy. I tell everyone how great it is, but I never share.

Sloth -- What’s the laziest thing you ever did?
Homeschool my kids. It's just too much work to get up in the morning and get them dressed, fed, and out the door.

Okay, so I can't lie to save my life. I tag the following 7 bloggers --
  1. Christy
  2. Elliah
  3. Kim
  4. Nora
  5. Bish
  6. SL Hastings
  7. Adrienne

I had to include Adrienne because she posted that she would have a tough time with this, and I'm sure she was lying. ;)

Thanks to everyone who has left comments on the post below for my contest. Thanks also to everyone who has posted my book tour on their blog. If you haven't left a comment, it's not too late. You have until midnight Saturday, June 20th, to enter the drawing.


  1. Hey..I am the first commentor! Woot! (Unless I take too long to write!)

    Funny post today. Made me smile and chuckle. I liked the Envy and Lust..hahaha =)

  2. What, me lie?
    I'm cracking up over the telephone ear thing!

  3. lol at the black bear stew. I can picture it now ....

    "Riiiiccccck, I'm about near done the bear hun, better go and wrassel us up another un" hee hee

    And I believe you may have shared some taffy with me - I did not know I was so honoured - don't worry, I won't tell anyone. um, oops.

  4. Oh! I'll have to get right to work on this...

  5. You are really good at this...your answers are so good, that I had to keep reminding myself that you were stretching the truth a bit...grin...

  6. This is funny! Those loud men talking in their "ear" phones are so darn sexy! (not!)

  7. Funny!! I've posted mine. Thanks for the tag!