Monday, June 29, 2009

Smooth as glass ...

I don't think the water in Lake McDonald could have been any more smooth if it tried. The above picture was taken just this morning around 10am. We only camped one night and had to check out at noon, so we decided to take the boats out right before we left. This is Neil sitting in front of me on the lake. The water was motionless. Nathan caught another trout, which we think was a Lake Trout, but it managed to get away as Rick was trying to get it off the hook. Darn thing just flipped out of the net. Fun camping trip, even if it was just one night. The Going-To-The-Sun Road just opened up, so yesterday we took a drive to the summit. We saw lots of Columbian Ground Squirrels, like the one pictured below. Also saw a mountain goat as we were driving down, but I couldn't get any pictures of it. Then this morning we had a young buck wander through our campsite, which is pictured below also.

As for the contest for the blog tour for A New Job for Dilly -- I'm going to be gathering up the names today and drawing a winner for the autographed book. I'll post the winner in tomorrow's blog. Thanks again to all of my hosts and to everyone who took the time to stop by to read and comment.


  1. Wow, that lake really is still. They are so pretty like that. Glad you had a good trip!


  2. What beautiful pictures! That lake was like glass! Glad you had fun!

    *And great blog tour - I totally enjoyed checking out other people's blogs!

  3. GAH! I missed the contest?!!! sigh. I've been having a rough time... Sorry I missed it! But I'm sure my girls will love Dilly so I'll have to head out and grab a copy!

    And the pics looked lovely!!!

  4. Oh, that's a lovely picture with the water! Wow! I look forward to tomorrow's post. Your tour was awesome!

  5. I know this is camping sacrilege but I would have loved to wakeboard on that water.

    Love your pics.