Friday, September 3, 2010

National Lazy Mom's Day

Who knew? Today is National Lazy Mom's Day. I didn't know, but I seem to be celebrating it all the same. I didn't have to get up early this morning, so Denny and I took advantage of it and slept in late. Then I sat around messing on the computer all morning, not really doing much of anything. I finally took a bath, which was way too hot, so I stayed in there way too long. Yup, looks like I'm right on schedule! Funny thing is that I couldn't find a clipart image online of a mom being lazy. Why is that? Denny saw this picture and asked me to put it up. I agreed, but he's so not getting a beer!


  1. Who knew indeed! There is a day for everything!

  2. Bish is right. There's a day for everything! Crazy.

    Enjoy the lazy!