Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dinosaur Cousins?

We doing Dinosaur Week for school right now. I tell you, why did they have to make such complicated names for these animals? I can get the "saurs" part, but the rest has me tripping over my tongue. Fortunately, Nathan knows how to say quite a few of them, so he's saved me a few times.

Today we read this book, Dinosaur Cousins? It was written and illustrated by Bernard Most and published by Sandpiper in 1990. I don't even remember where we got it. The girls might have bought it from their book club when they went to a private school, or maybe we picked it up at a yard sale or thrift store. I always find it funny how some of the books we have are listed for so much on Amazon. This particular one is listed for over $60 brand new. Regardless, it's a cute book.

Anyway, it's fun because it lists many different dinosaurs and pairs them up with modern day animals. I don't know how factual it is, but the author doesn't claim for it to be. He simply says certain dinosaurs remind him of certain animals. His illustrations are awesome and he does a good job explaining why he feels they're similar -- whether it be their bodies, what they like to eat, where they live, and so forth. It's a fun book, especially for kids who love dinosaurs.


  1. I loved learning about dinosaurs when I was a kid and still enjoy reading the dino books the kids bring home.

  2. Yes, I remember my 3rd grader studying the dinosaurs last year, and we had a hard time with the names! ha ha ha. LOVE your Mr. T-Rex's below. Such a fun blog, I found you through Sophia's blog, Blue Chair Diary! I am off to check out your books!

  3. The premise sounds really cute--my kids love dinosaurs and animals both.