Monday, February 28, 2011

Mr. T-Rex

We're doing a little study on dinosaurs this week in addition to the regular stuff the boys do for school each day. Today we read about the Tyrannosaurus. After they finished their school work, they made these T-Rex heads out of recycled milk cartons. I'm not sure if they look like a T-Rex though, but the boys love them.

This is a Kathy Ross craft project from her book, Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild About Dinosaurs. It was titled T-Rex Treasure Keeper and it's designed as a little holder for kids to put toys in. I love Kathy Ross' projects because they're super easy and always turn out well. It's kind of funny though because quite a few of the projects she has in this book are not true dinosaurs, but creatures that lived at the same time. Oh well -- close enough.

We had to alter the directions because I didn't have any rickrack for the teeth. You would think with all the craft supplies around here there would be at least a little rickrack in this house. Nope! So instead of using that, we just cut the teeth with pinking sheers. The boys liked it better because the teeth are actually sharp. It's actually two milk cartons, so you can make the jaws go up and down. CHOMP! I'm not sure what they're going to put into them, but I at least got a picture before they got all mangled.


  1. I always enjoy these craft projects. I like how they are the same but different. Shows such individuality.

  2. Those turned out awesome! DINOMITE!

  3. Love those dinosaur heads! Nice work!