Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Polar Animals -- brrrr!

The boys are doing Polar Animals Week right now, which seems appropriate with the cold temperatures we've been having. It's also been snowing lightly all day, so that adds to the whole thing. Yesterday they made the polar bears pictured above. The feet are clothespins attached to a craft stick body. Then they wrapped up the whole thing with fiberfill. I thought they turned out really cute. Monday they made the penguins pictured below. The project originally called for craft spoons, but when I went to start it, I realized I only had two spoons left. Instead, I traced one on craft foam and it worked just as good, perhaps even better because we didn't have to get out the paints. We turned them into magnets. Today we'll be reading about Arctic foxes and doing a craft project on those made from paper cups and fiberfill. Tomorrow it will be Beluga whales. Fun stuff.


  1. Polar Animals Week?? Not hear of it but loving the idea. :) I like me some penguins. hee

    PS Sorry for the lapse in visiting. :(

    Hope you are well. Hugs! :)

  2. 2 cute - especially since there are 2 of them in each picture ;)

  3. My youngest just did a whole unit on penguins and I've loved all the penguin art he brought home.