Friday, February 18, 2011

UnBEARable ...

I had another dream about bears the other night. Actually, it was early in the morning and I couldn't go back to sleep afterwards. I dream about bears a lot since moving to Montana. Most of the time, the bears are outside and I'm frantically trying to get a door or window shut. It never closes right and I'm always struggling in a panic. In one dream, I remember trying to hammer screws into a sliding glass door to lock it. Weird. The funny thing is, the bears are just meandering by, minding their own business, exactly like they do when I see them nearby. Very rarely do I dream the bears are aggressive.

Not this time.

In this dream there were four, massive grizzlies. They were cruising down a stream and all I could see was their heads sticking out of the water, reminding me of hippos. Except they weren't hippos. They were bears -- grizzly bears. It just went from bad to worse from there. These bears weren't meandering. They weren't minding their own business. They were killing people. My kids were there and I was trying to keep them from witnessing it, but that wasn't happening. For some reason, I had a knife and ended up using it -- multiple times. It was just horrible.

Then of course, I woke up and had that cold, surge of adrenaline rush through my entire body. I hate that feeling after having a nightmare. I don't know. Maybe if I didn't take pictures like the one above, then just maybe, I wouldn't have these nightmares. But gosh, they're so darn cute, even with their 4-inch claws. Well, at least they're cute in real life. In my dreams, they're another story. Oh goodie, it's almost bedtime. Wish me luck!


  1. This has the makings of an interesting dream analysis . . . or a story

  2. I so do not like scary dreams. I love the picture did you take is while inside or were you on the deck?

  3. You need a vacation, Rena. Someplace warm and sunny where there are no bears, like Disney World!

  4. It's those "too real" nightmares that always wake me up in a cold sweat, too.

  5. YIKES! That sounds like an awful nightmare. I hope it doesn't reoccur.