Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Blurrrrrrrry ...

No, you don't need glasses. That's how my pictures look right now. I'm sitting here waiting for FedEx to show up. The other day the camera on my phone decided to just stop working. Well, it works, but the pictures are blurry. They are especially blurry when I take something far away. When the camera is in reverse (like when you take a selfie), it focuses just fine. Rick called tech support, and went through all the process of emptying my phone to my computer so he could restart it. None of that worked, so we think it's a hardware problem and not a software one. Unfortunately, I had over 5000 photos on my phone, so those all had to be transferred over to my computer. My poor laptop is on its last legs, so it wasn't happy with 5000+ new photos. I had to go through it yesterday and delete quite a bit to free up some memory.

It's sad how much I depend on my phone for the camera. The camera is what I use it the most for, whether it's for all the photo challenges I do or taking a picture of something for reference. I just went out to get some pictures of our kayak seats for Rick. They were a little blurry, so that was frustrating. It's just stupid because I have a really nice Canon PowerShot camera that takes awesome pictures. Still, who carries big cameras around all the time? I also have a small, water-proof Olympus that I take kayaking. It's not like we're lacking cameras here. Even so, I've gotten to where I depend on my phone so much for the camera. The iPhone 6+ has a really good camera too -- when it's working, that is! Apple is replacing it, so I hope it gets here soon.

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