Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy 100 Many Glacier Hotel!

Rick and I spent the night at the historic Many Glacier Hotel this past Friday. We've been to the hotel before, but we've never stayed there. It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment trip, mostly to check out the hotel more and do a little hiking and kayaking. The hotel is celebrating its 100th year, so that made our first stay there even more special.

You can choose from a variety of rooms—from newly renovated rooms to entire suites—but we specifically wanted one of the older, non-refurbished rooms overlooking Swiftcurrent Lake. The hotel is old, so that itself makes it delightful to be in. It's one of those places where the wooden floors squeak when you walk on them, and you can hear the wind howling through the pipes.

Our room was very simple, but charming. It did have a telephone, but there were no televisions. We didn't even have Internet connection the whole time we were there. They have it, and say it's best in the lobby, but we could never get it to log in. That didn't matter one bit though.

Pictured below is the view from our room. We had a balcony that we shared with the people next to us, although I only saw one of them once, and very early in the morning. She was standing outside taking a photo of the view, just like I was about to do.

I love really old hotels, especially ones that still use real keys.

Below is the view from the bathroom. Not too shabby, huh? For some reason, we ended up with a handicapped-accessible room. I'm not sure why, but it didn't really matter.

The two pictures that follow are of the dining room, which is huge. The food was absolutely wonderful, as was the staff, who were all brand new employees. The hotel just opened for the season on Wednesday, so everyone is all fresh and still learning the ropes.

Below is a picture from the table we had lunch at. You can't beat a view like that. We had three meals in the main dining room, and two of them were right by the window like this.

This is a fireplace in the main lobby. I didn't take too many pictures in here. It was pretty quiet when we got there around noon on Friday, but by late afternoon the place was hopping.

Below is a picture of a different lobby area. This is actually just one corner of it, and it's more like a walkway lobby that leads from the main part of the hotel to another wing. I believe it's called the Breezeway Lounge or something. There were tables and chairs set up everywhere, and many of them had puzzles. There was a china cabinet with a variety of games in them. The cool thing was that most of the time we saw people sitting at these places working on puzzles, talking, and so forth. That was such a nice change from seeing everyone staring at their cell phones. Having no Internet makes people act differently — they socialize.

I'll try to post some photographs from our hike and kayaking next time. For this blog I just wanted to concentrate on the hotel. Normally, we stay in our trailer in the campgrounds, which I love, but staying at the hotel was a wonderful experience. Rick and I both had a blast.


  1. what a cool place! I'm also a fan of the old fashioned kind of hotel, that place is full of character and charm!

    1. I love them a lot too, especially the rooms that haven't been done. We stayed one night at the Old Faithful Inn, and also got one of the older rooms on purpose. LOVED that! The park lodges can get costly, but when you just do one night it's not too bad.

  2. Rena thank you for sharing your your photos!