Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Force Is Here!

To my utter delight, we received our copy of The Force Awakens early yesterday afternoon. Today is the actual release date, so I'm not sure why we got it a day ahead of most people. My guess was because we had pre-ordered it months ago through Amazon Prime. Other people I know ordered it there too, but it didn't get delivered until today. Maybe it had to do with the timing of the pre-order? I have no idea. I was just thrilled. We watched it again last night—my sixth time—and it was just as great as the first time seeing it. I loved the special features too. We watched most of those, but I think there are a few left we have to see still.

As I've said before, Star Wars has special meanings for me. For one, it was one of the first movies I saw at the theater with just a friend, and not my family. My family mostly went to the drive-in, and I was taken to some pretty awful movies that have stayed with me all these years. Star Wars was one of the happier ones. I was twelve when A New Hope came out, so it remains a good memory for me. There are other reasons I'm so attached to the saga—many relate to family issues—but I really don't want to go into that right now. It's just a good, positive thing for me. I already can't wait for Episode VIII, although I know I have to.


  1. Looking forward to watching it again at home! Got the Blu Ray (or should I say Blue Rey) today!

    1. I've watched all the special features. Love them! Now I need to watch the movie again. Ha!