Saturday, April 2, 2016

Woodland Park

Rick and I did our usual thing of asking each other, "What do you want to do today?" We do this every Saturday. I've been sick all week, so I kind of wanted to get out of the house for awhile. I knew Rick needed to run by Staples for printer ink, so I suggested going there and then to Woodland Park, which is nearby. I hadn't been there in years, even though we drive by it all the time. So, we picked up lunch from a local place and went to the park to eat.

It's a nice place, even though city parks really aren't my thing. I'd rather be in a more secluded, wilderness area, but this is a fun place to visit. It has a lagoon, playground, picnic areas, a looped hiking trail, and so forth. There's even a skate park and a water park.

So, we had lunch at one of the picnic tables, hoping the gazillion birds wouldn't notice us. The place is filled with seagulls, ducks, snow geese, Canada geese, squirrels, and so forth. With all the birds squawking, it's a loud place.

The last time I was at the park was in the middle of winter. That was years ago. Everyone was sledding, and the lagoon was totally frozen. I wanted to check out the walking trail though, so we did that after lunch. It's a paved loop trail. I guess it's a little over a mile long.

I didn't bring my camera, for some dumb reason, so all I had was my phone. It was such a pretty day though, so I managed to get some decent shots. There were some turtles sunning on a rock, so I wished I had my Canon for that. Otherwise, the phone did okay.

It's definitely a good place to go if you want to feed the birds. I see people still bring bread for them, which isn't really good for them. There were piles of corn meal in various places, and I noticed some of the geese eating that instead. I've heard corn meal is a lot better for them.

Anyway, going to Staples and the park was the initial plan, but we ended up going on four different hikes today. We also went up to Lone Pine State Park, Herron Park, and our own Wayfayers State Park near the house. I'll try to post some of those other pictures next time. It was a fun day out. We only walked about 4.6 miles, but after being sick all week and kind of loopy from cold medicines, that's about all I could take. Now I need to soak in the tub!

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