Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hello from Vegas!

We arrived late last night and so far we haven't done much other than spend the last hour trying to get the internet connected at our hotel. This is the only picture I've taken -- it's the view from our room at the Stratosphere Hotel. I wanted to take some pictures on the shuttle ride from the airport last night, but the driver was going about 300 mph and they wouldn't have turned out. He did get us here in good time though. This is actually our second room. The first one had a view of the parking structure and was a handicapped access room. They moved us up to a nicer room on the 23rd floor. We'd have a good view of the Strip, except all these huge timeshare hotels have sprouted up blocking everything else.

For those of you who don't know, Rick & I are spending a few days in Las Vegas to celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary, which was on Valentine's Day. It's been years since we did anything for our anniversary. We got a really good rate, so we decided to take a little trip. I brought my laptop so I could post on my blog for my kids to see. I'm hoping to get some fun pictures for them. Last night we were walking through the airport and as we got onto the escalator, we heard a lady freaking out behind us. She had been on our flight from Montana and had never been on an escalator before. It was kind of funny, but sad in a way because she was truly scared. It didn't help that her husband told her the escalator will snag her toes at the end if she wasn't careful. Her eyes got all big and he started laughing. Then she began scolding him for making fun of her. I forget how small cities like Kalispell are sometimes. If that was her reaction to the escalator, imagine what she did when she got out on the Strip. Poor thing.

I'm not sure what our plans will be for today. I think we might try to see The Jersey Boys show sometime while we're here. Other than that, I don't know what else we'll do. This is the first time we've ever been in Vegas without a car, so that could be a pain. We're hoping to walk down the road a bit and catch the Monorail that runs along the Strip. I'll try to add more to this as I can. The internet was acting kind of goofy this morning, so hopefully it won't continue to be a problem. Anyway, I think we're going to head up to the top of the Stratosphere Tower and check that out soon. What do you think my chances are of getting Rick on this?

Nichelle, Nicole, Nathan & Neil -- we miss you and we'll talk to you soon.


  1. I hope you are having a good time. Go see the white tigers and maybe take in Mandolay Bay's aquarium, my kids and Darren really enjoyed it. I was taking in a little blue on a stage at the time! snicker


  2. Oh, what fun! I don't love Las Vegas much, but it is a fun place to visit every now and then. I just got back from D.C. and had a blast, and now I'm off to California to help my friend take back a rental car from her move. I'm getting pretty tired...

    Hope you have a good time. I look forward to those pictures!

  3. Happy Anniversary and enjoy your trip! (And get Rick on that ride - or any of the 3 at the top of your hotel!) I could not get Vince to even consider it - he is afraid of heights. We never got on the monorail either but I wanted to - looked fun!
    Have a great time.. and win big!

  4. Have a great time! I have never been so I look forward to hearing more about your trip!

  5. If it weren't for you kids I say "lose the internet and forget about blogging."

    Have a wonderful time.

  6. Have a fabulous trip with your hubby, Rena! Enjoy!

  7. Oh what a picture! Is that from your hotel room? That is amazing about that lady that flew with you, but my husband's mom is from Montana and something similar happened to her when she first flew across the country to live with his parents.

  8. The Stratosphere, eh? TH & I have personally banned that place. We made the mistake of staying there twice (the first time was a disaster, the second time, bleh). I do regret never going on their roller coaster, though.

    Oh oh! Try the Bellagio Buffet. Good lord, is that place gooood.

    There's a chocolate shop in The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace. You'll catch it at the front entrance, the one from the strip. It's called Vosages Chocolat. Pricey for chocolate, but they give free samples. I loooove their Mo's Bacon Bar.

    Hmmm, can't think of anything else at the moment. Have a blast!


  9. I LOVE Vegas. So much fun. As for that ride, it wasn't there the last time I was at the Stratosphere, but I did go on the Sure Shot (I think that's what it's called) that shoots you straight up from the top of the building and let's you free fall. cRaZy!!!