Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vegas Pics --

We're staying at the Stratosphere Hotel. This is the tower, but the rooms are in another building. We didn't make it up to the top today -- tomorrow.

We went to the Mirage and saw the white lions & tigers. This is one of the tigers. There was also a black panther, snow leopard and a baby leopard in a nursery. It's hard to get good pictures through chainlink fence.

There were a bunch of Alpacas at the Mirage too, along with some Trumpeter swans. This guy was the most coooperative posing.

We saw some of the dolphins at the Mirage too. They had to do a rectal exam on one of them, but I didn't take any pictures of that. I'm sure you appreciate that. The look on people's faces was priceless.

These ladies acted as water fountain type statues at the Venetian Hotel. They moved really slow and had water spraying out from their hands. It was kind of fascinating and kind of creepy at the same time. After their show, they came off their platform and rode the escalator upstairs. Can you imagine what that lady from Montana would have thought if she saw that?

I had a little crisis today. I only brought several different types of boots, and since we're without a car, we're doing a lot more walking than normal. I was pretty much hating life earlier until we caught a taxi and had him drive us to Ross. I'm such a tightwad and didn't want to buy any from the designer shops in the hotels. I cannot even begin to tell you how GOOD cheap tennis shoes feel! Anyway, we're going to grab some dinner soon and then head back out to see The Jersey Boys tonight. I don't think they allow pictures during the show. Until next time ... Viva Las Vegas!


  1. Hope you have a fabulous-footwear time. Lots of walking - from one hotel to the next.


  2. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing, looks like your having a nice relaxing time!


  3. Thanks Kim. Yeah, I usually know better too. I have 3 different pair of boots, two of which are Justin cowboy boots. Normally, they don't bother me much, even if I wear them all day. Not today though. And we're so used to having a car to get around, but not this time.

  4. Great pictures! I love the dolphins...and thanks for not showing the pics of the rectal exam...I don't think I would be able to look at a dolphin the same way if you had...grin...

    Glad you had a great time...It is always nice to get away...

  5. What gorgeous pictures! That dolphin picture is unbelievable! You are a talented photographer, Rena. Those statue ladies are cool, too.

  6. I'm amazed they have so many things like lions, dolphins and statues there. Never knew that. Great photos.

  7. That poor tiger looks so SAD!

    Beautiful images Rena... I am hoping to have the cover of Lemur Troops done this week..

    Cannot wait for you to see! Enjoy the lights!

  8. Oh, I love Los Vegas. I'm so jealous. It sounds like you had an amazing time!

  9. Cool pics, Rena. Thanks for sharing. :) Did you pop by the wax museum or Sephora while at the Venetian?

    Going to Ross was definitely a smart move. Designer anything is so overrated.

    Glad to hear you two are having a good time. Stay safe!


  10. Nikki -- That is GREAT news that you will have the cover of Lemur Troops done soon. WOW! I cannot wait to see it. Your drawings are so adorable and I know the cover is going to be awesome!

  11. The alpaca looks like he's laughing in a refined old manner.

    Those fountain ladies are spectacular!

  12. Hope your new shoes save your feet and let you have a great time! The pictures are really great, thanks for sharing.

  13. Great pics Rena... can't believe you missed the opportunity of a good pictoral rectal exam but hey, to each his own! hee hee

    Glad you are having fun!

  14. I've been thinking about the lady from Montana. I bet she's having the time of her life.

    It might have been a little much for her at first, but if she got over the escalators, she's probably doing just fine right about now. ; )