Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Judy Garland

Today is Judy Garland's birthday. If she were alive today, she would be 87 years old. Sadly, she died in 1969 from an accidental drug overdose. She was only 47. I'm not a huge fan, but I did grow up watching some of her films, including the infamous Wizard of Oz. Despite her success with fame, Judy had a difficult life. Here are some interesting facts about her ...

  • Judy's real name was Frances Ethel Gumm
  • She worked 45 of her 47 years
  • Her first performance was singing Jingle Bells when she was 2
  • Judy was 16 when she filmed the Wizard of Oz
  • She was only 4 feet, 11.5 inches tall
  • In films, Judy was forced to wear rubber disks to reshape her nose
  • She was insecure about her appearance and weight
  • Judy suffered nervous breakdowns and migraine headaches
  • She attempted suicide several times
  • Judy was married 5 times, 4 ending in divorce
  • She died in London in 1969
  • 20,000 people lined up to view her body at the funeral home
  • Judy left behind 3 children -- Liza Minnelli, Joey and Lorna Luft
In addition, Judy Garland is listed #8 of the greatest female stars of all time by the American Film Institute. She left behind an amazing legacy with her films, television performances, stage shows, music, and awards. When I think of Judy Garland, my first thought goes to the Wizard of Oz. Her song, Over The Rainbow is ranked as the #1 movie song of all time. That's impressive! Another one of my favorite songs by Judy is The Trolley Song. It was ranked #26 and it's from the film, Meet Me In St. Louis ...


  1. I loved her voice and that clip was fun to see again. Liza looks so much like she did and her voice is just as amazing.


  2. She was so talented. It's a shame her life was tumultuous.

  3. She had a tremendous voice. I had a tape of her that I would blast from my dorm in college and sing along. Heehee! The Trolley song is one of my favorites as is Danny Boy.

  4. Wow. She worked 45 of her 47 years. Now wonder she was depressed.

    Regarding how small she was, her footprints at Mann's Chinese Theatre are so tiny. They look like a child's feet.

  5. She seemed to have alot of issues even though she was so talented. I can't imagine putting my daughter to work - no matter how cute I think she is. 2 is too young. And I still think The Wizard of Oz is a creepy movie!

  6. Did you know that they wanted Shirley Temple to play the part of Dorothy but she couldn't get out of her contract or something, and when Judy Garland tried out for it, they thought she was too old...I've heard they wrapped her breast so they wouldn't look so big for filming...

    I personally don't think anyone could have played the part better than Judy Garland...

  7. A talented lady but what a life at age 2. Too young to be doing such work.

  8. I wanted to be Judy Garland when I was a little girl. I grew-up going to Broadway shows and watching musicals and old movies. Great post. :)

  9. Rubber discs to reshape her nose? The things Hollywood did to undermine her confidence in herself are so very sad!

  10. Gosh I didnt realise she was so young when she died. That was very interesting. I saw Liza perform in NY once and she was amazing too.

  11. Loved Judy. I hope she's singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow . . .

  12. The facts about Judy Garland were very interesting. I didn't know she was only 4 feet 11.5 inches tall. Now, I don't feel so bad about my height :-)