Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

For those who celebrate Easter, I hope you have a wonderful day. For those who don't celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful day, as well. We're having a quiet day at home. The boys colored eggs last night and sadly, Nicole isn't home to eat them. She and I are the only ones who really like hard-boiled eggs. Too bad I can't mail her some.

I also wanted to share a picture of these beautiful sunflowers. My friend Gale sent them to help brighten my day after losing our cat, Belle. Gale lives in California and we've never met in person, but have been friends for several years through a message board. She's an absolute sweetheart. Thank you, Gale. The flowers are beautiful. Your thoughtfulness and kindness is very much appreciated.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Happy Easter, Rena. Hope you have a wonderful time with your family.

    Just having a quiet time here, doing art and making a small meal for me and my neighbor. :D

  2. Happy Easter Rena!


  3. Happy Easter, Rena! Those flowers are beautiful (and so thoughtful of Gale).
    I love your new do! The cut and the color looks great on you.

  4. Happy Easter! You're most welcome, Rena. I hope they helped a little.

    We had a good Easter. The Easter Bunny paid the girls a visit & they made out like bandits. Spent the day at my SIL's and ate dinner with the family, where the girls managed to get more candy through an egg hunt & their grandparents. I'll send ya some pics soon.

    Anyway, take care. *hugs*


  5. Those flowers are beautiful--what a good friend you have!