Sunday, December 12, 2010

More recycled beads ...

The other day I got some wild hair to make paper beads out of recycled magazines. I didn't think they'd be addicting, but they are. Since I wear a lot of black & white clothes, I thought it would be fun to make one that went with that. I tore out pages with white backgrounds and black printing and used those for the beads. I found recipe and prescription pages were perfect because the fonts are all really tiny and there isn't much color. Then I strung the beads up with some mini black pony beads. The picture above is a close up of the strand I made. They kind of crack me up because they look like teeny cigarettes or joints.

Again, I made this necklace pretty long because I like to wear them different ways. Below is a goofy picture of me with the necklace on and as you can see I have it triple stranded. The only thing I don't like about it is that I strung it on elastic cord. I might redo it on something that's not as stretchy. My boys don't have the patience for this sort of craft, but it would make a fun project for a child to make as an inexpensive gift. Or even if an adult made the beads and let the child string them on however they like.