Monday, April 11, 2011

Easy Fish Tank Craft

The boys made these simple 'fish tanks' last week. Nathan (above) and Neil (below) both love crafts, but I've found they prefer ones that are pretty easy. We were doing a themed Aquarium Week for school, so I came up with this idea. We had some stick-on foam fish shapes left over from another project, so I thought they'd be perfect. They put some blue construction paper into an empty CD case for the water. We trimmed it with pinking sheers to give it a rippling, water effect. Then the boys stuck the foam pieces wherever they wanted. It was so simple and they turned out really cute.


  1. They look so neat :)

  2. Those are beautiful! And a great way to recycle old CD cases!

  3. they are really cute! and a "boy" craft--those are harder to come by.