Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Funday

Rick, the boys, and I took a drive around the lake today. We hesistated at first because of the high cost of gas, but decided to go anyway. Flathead Lake is just 2 miles from our home, but we drove around the entire lake. It's 31 miles from the north to south shores, so it's a nice drive, especially when you go all the way around. We stopped at a picnic area for lunch and checked out a few campgrounds. It was kind of chilly, although the sun managed to come out a few times. I hope everyone had a great Sunday, also.


  1. You both look great. Rick you have me beat in the weight loss contest. Keep up the good work, I miss you guys.

  2. I love the family, scenic pictures, Rena! My fave is the boys laying down on the huge rock!
    You and your hubby look great!