Friday, April 29, 2011

Save The Frogs Day

Today is the third annual Save The Frogs Day. What is this, you ask? It's a day set aside to educate people about frogs and to raise awareness on their plight. Apparently, twenty countries are taking part this year and are offering nearly 120 different events.

It's funny because I had a dream about frogs last night. It wasn't very good. I was stirring some soup Rick had cooking on the stove. Then I realized it was filled with little black frogs. Ick! Next thing I know, there were little black frogs all over the kitchen floor. Double ick! I'm not sure what brought on this dream. It was either reading about Save The Frogs Day last night or watching Moses recently. We also saw a frog exhibit at the Museum of the Rockies, so I guess it was bound to happen.

I took the picture above at the museum. Rick and the kids were calling this the Yoda Frog. It was funny how still they were. They almost looked like they were plastic, but every now and then they would blink slowly. I remember as a kid I'd collect big buckets of tadpoles and watch them turn into little frogs before they'd all scamper away. Fun memories.


  1. I had to laugh when I saw this picture on your profile next to the caption "Married to Rick Jones".I told my kids you'd better kiss him and maybe he'll turn into a prince.He's a beautiful frog!


  2. I used to catch tadpoles too! (actually my kids and I catch frogs and tadpoles every summer still!)
    That is one crazy cute Yoda frog!
    And please don't cook him in a pot for dinner (crazy dream!)!

  3. Creepy looking frog but a really great shot! Wow! :) You've had a lot of frog action lately, no wonder you're dreaming of frogs galore! :D Hee

  4. eww eww eww and eww I am a frog a phob! I can not stand them they are scary! They jump on you and have those little claw thingys that get in your hair and stay. Think of The Brady Bunch episode with the drive in and pizzaFrogs are EVIL!! lol great blog!