Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nathan's Cow

We're studying some of the more modern artists this week and one of them is Salvador Dali. He was a Spanish surrealist painter. He was born in 1904 and died in 1989. Well ... to make a long story longer ... we didn't exactly get to the lesson plan of Dali in our book Discovering Great Artists. The boys have been sick, so we skipped that lesson for the time being. However, I had drawn out a silly sketch on our dry-erase board. Every day I write the date on the board and usually draw some silly picture for whatever we're studying that week. In the Discovering Great Artists book, they had an example of a child's work depicting Dali's work. It was a cow in a hula skirt. The cow's head had been cut from a magazine, and the child had drawn the rest.

I hadn't taken the time to read the assignment to the boys yet, so they had no idea what the project was. Nathan just saw my silly cow. So yesterday afternoon he comes up with a piece of paper and tells me he did his own project for art. He said he didn't know what the assignment was, so he just drew a cow in a hula skirt. It totally made me laugh and I knew I'd have to scan this one. The facial expression is classic. Click on it to see it bigger. The assignment is called Dream Photos, so I imagine will get to it this week. But for now, I'm really enjoying Nathan's hula-skirting cow!