Thursday, July 12, 2012

More boots!

I had to run up to town with the boys today and on our way back home we decided to stop at the Salvation Army thrift store. Neil is always wanting to go there to dig in the Barbie bins searching for GI Joes. He didn't find any today, but found a really cool talking Spiderman figurine. We also found some great Little Golden Books, including a 1963 edition of Pebbles Flinstone.

My big find for the day were these boots. They're by Nine West. I tried looking them up online to find how much they were regular retail, but they're out of stock everywhere. Other Nine West boots go anywhere from $70 to $200, at least from what I can tell. I couldn't believe they were my size when I looked at them. The price tag said $8.50. I almost put them back on the rack, but then had a change of mind and stuck them in my basket. They were 50% off so they cost me only $4.25! Can you believe it?

I need to clean up the heels a bit and maybe buff them up a little, but for the most part, they're in perfect condition. I don't wear heels very often these days, but these were just too cool to pass up. It's funny because they're the same exact size as the boots I got the other day, and blogged about below. I wonder if they came from the same person who donated them. Weird. Anyway, I also got a cool black blazer and a houndstooth tweed mini-skirt. Both will go great with the boots. Now all I need is a place to wear them!


  1. I love 'em :D

    Very cool . . . or maybe I should say Hot ;)

  2. You find the coolest stuff at your thrift stores! But you do it right. The trick is to go fairly often.