Thursday, September 27, 2012

MY chair!

In our classroom, we have two desks and two tables. The big round table is the one we use most for school work. The boys have these green chairs and then I pull up the big, green chair from our main computer desk. Well, every morning the same thing happens. Denny races me down the stairs, and usually comes close to knocking me over. Then he chases me through the family room into the classroom. There he will look out the door, jump in the window, or just goof off. As soon as he hears Neil coming, everything changes ...

He waits until Neil is right at the entrance to the classroom and then as soon as he sees him, he jumps in his chair! It's the funniest thing to watch. He does it all the time, too. It doesn't happen when Nathan walks into the room, although he has the same type chair. Denny only does it to Neil. He steals his chair from him every single day. Neil ends up on the folding chair that goes to one of our other desks. Denny, however, won't have anything to do with that chair. The back is too high and he sort of oozes out of it when he falls asleep.

I took the picture above this morning, right after Denny made his daily chair conquest. He may look quite smug and proud, but believe me, that look didn't last long. Within five minutes he was sound asleep and snoring. He's so funny when it comes to having Neil's chair. It is his chair or no chair! Right now I'm working on my yearbooks and the picture shows another chair with my laptop on it. So between me, Nathan, Neil, Denny, and my computer -- we sure need a lot of chairs!


  1. Yes, Sherry, and Denny just thinks he's one of the boys. I've never seen a cat like him. He has to be right in the middle of everything they do.