Thursday, October 30, 2008

Got corn?

Today is National Candy Corn Day! This probably isn't as exciting to you as it is me. Most people I know either love the stuff obsessively, or hate it passionately. I'm one of those first people. I've been eating candy corn for longer than I can remember. One year when I was in high school a friend of mine drove me home and I noticed she had a bag of candy corn in her car. Turns out she always had candy corn in her car. It was like a staple for her and I knew we would be friends forever. I'm picky about my candy corn because I don't like Brachs. I like other things by Brachs, just not their candy corn. It has a funny taste to me and the white tips always break off. I'll chose any brand over Brachs, even store brand names. I did try the Brachs Caramel Apple Candy Corn this year. It was okay, but I prefer the original. Here are some facts about candy corn --

  1. Candy corn has been around for over 100 years.
  2. It was invented by George Renninger.
  3. A serving of candy corn has about 140 calories.
  4. Over 35 million pounds of candy corn is produced each year.
  5. That's over 9 billion pieces of candy corn.
  6. The variety with brown ends is called Indian Corn.

So, what is your stand on candy corn? Do you love it or do you hate it? I was on a lady's blog the other day and she posted how she hated candy corn and used it as punishment to hand out to kids who were too old to trick-or-treat. Candy corn hater! I wonder what she'd do if I showed up at her door every night? For me, it's a year-round obsession, but I mostly buy it at Halloween. Here today is National Candy Corn Day and I don't have any in the house. Perhaps I'll stop on the way home from my dentist appointment and pick some up -- heh heh.


  1. We love it at our house! We had to aviod it for years because sometimes it is made with egg white, and my daughter was allergic. Now we're making up for it!

  2. Rena, I think I"m going to have to call you the Candy Queen. I didn't even know that chocolate and other candies had their own day of celebration.

    Candy corn is OK, I'll eat it, but it's not something I crave. After seeing how many calories are in a serving, I may not ever eat them again! ;0) I'll save my naughty calorie intake for chocolate.

    Fun post!


  3. I have never tasted that; maybe it's not available or popular in Spain, or maybe it's I no longer eat candy.

  4. Ah, that explains all of the candy corn in the teacher's lounge today. It was the kind with the chocolate ends. ymmm!

  5. Adrienne -- LOL @ making up for not eating candy corn for awhile. I usually start craving it in September when the Halloween decorations are out in force in the stores.

    Christy -- I hear you on the calories part. One good thing is that it's usually fat-free, but that's not to say calorie-free. I guess 140 calories is for about 22 pieces. I was pretty bummed when I saw candy corn listed on the "not this" side of the book, "Eat This, Not That" -- waaah!

    Miguel -- I don't think they have candy corn in the UK either, so you're not alone. You're probably better off since it is so high in sugar.

    Nora -- LOL @ it being in the teacher's lounge today. Sadly, I went to buy some in the store today, but they were sold out. They just had the "regular" bags that they sell all year, and not the Halloween ones. I guess I'll have to go someplace else. ;)

  6. Mmmmm, I like candy corn, too but I'm thinking not as much as you love it :0).
    I cannot, however, stop sampling the chocolate Halloween candy that I bought last week. I had to go buy new bags today for tomorrow! Help Me!

  7. I didn't know all that info but I have some info for you: ”TAG” You’re IT!

  8. #3 - what they fail to mention is that a "serving" is four pieces of candy corn. LOL! Put it in perspective: How many calories in a cup of candy corn, Rena??

  9. I like candy corn. I wouldn't say I LOVE it (that's reserved for chocolate), but I really like it. I like regular candy corn and the pumpkins (which are candy corn but just look like pumpkins). Circus peanuts also kind of taste like cady corn to me, but I don't like them as much.

    I was wondering about how much is a serving of candy corn too. I guess I'm lucky I don't crave it, but only like it once in a while.

  10. I read a "serving" of candy corn is about 22 pieces.