Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Yesterday's post about losing our beloved loveseat was just a little too emotional, so today I thought I'd make it worse and talk about my teddy bear. And no, Rick did not take my teddy to the dump or toss it in the mud. Looking at him though, you'd think he did. Ted-Ted is his name, and yes, he's quite a mess. But just like me, he's old and has been through a lot. Honestly, I don't even remember getting him. I only remember having him and calling him Ted-Ted. I have no idea where I got that silly name either. I don't recall ever dragging him around with me all the time or sleeping with him, but I do remember a time where I was really attached to him for some reason. Teddy bears are cool and I think every child should have one. All my kids have them. My girl's teddy bears are from the Vermont Teddy Bear Company. Their new presidential bears just crack me up. My boy's bears are from Build-A-Bear Workshops. I don't know where Ted-Ted came from, but I keep him on a shelf with some other childhood toys, which I've posted about before. He's pretty old, so I don't like moving him around too much. Rick doesn't have a teddy bear from his childhood, not that he remembers anyway. If there is one, it's in his parent's garage somewhere. Poor deprived child. I guess they didn't have teddy bears in Hawaii. Maybe he went to bed snuggling up to a sugarcane or a pineapple or something.

Teddy bears have a unique story behind them too, especially how they were originally named after Theodore Roosevelt. Wikipedia, though not always accurate, has some interesting information on them if you click here. Rick & I are huge fans of M*A*S*H and I always love seeing Radar's teddy bear in the shows. It looks a lot like my Ted-Ted, except Radar's bear has more of a plastic face. The other night we were watching an episode where Radar was up late writing a report and was drinking coffee to stay awake. He gives his teddy a sip of coffee and then wipes his mouth afterwards. I also love the one where Frank Burns comes in looking for Radar's tools and sees the teddy bear. Radar pats his teddy on the tummy and says, "It's okay, bad man go away now." The real tear jerker is at the end of the series when they put Radar's teddy bear in the time capsule. I hated that part and always wished they took it home and gave it to him. I read how someone found the teddy bear on the set and they started using it as Radar's. On July 29, 2005, Radar's teddy bear was sold at an auction for $11,900. Wow. Then on Sesame Street, Big Bird has a teddy bear named Radar, which is named after the character in M*A*S*H. Interesting stuff -- at least I think so.

So, do you still have your teddy bear? I'd love to hear about it ...


  1. I have wondered about Big Birds, Radar bear, you confirmed it for me. I love MASH.

    I am sure if I have a hunt about at my mums, I will find some of my old teddy bears.
    I was more into Barbie Horses, I still have one from about 1976.

  2. I have some dolls from my childhood, and I might have a small teddy bear floating around in my kids toy box. But I don't have any of my "Special" bears. I did have a GIANT stuffed dog that I made my husband throw out for me. It was so dust, torn and probably filled with dust mites and allergens, that I knew i had to get rid of it. There was no room for it in the house. I couldn't "bare" to do it myself, so I made my husband do the deed when I wasn't looking.

    hmmmm. . . maybe I'll have to do a post about the dolls that I still have.

    I love your childhood posts! They make me smile! :0)


  3. I don't have a teddy bear. I have a red elephpant. I got her when I was 6 months old for my first Christmas. I still have her. She has been everywhere with me. She knows ALL my secrets and has had several operations. She is terribly worn and, to the untrained eye, probably very ugly. But I love her dearly and hope she can be cremated with me as I can't stand the idea of her being tossed in trash. Her name is Ellie the Red Elephant.

    Hubby has a little dog he got when he was around 2. His name is FuFu. Fufu sits on Ellie's lap. They are inseperable companions.

  4. I didn't know Big Bird's teddy bear was named Radar. That is so cool!

    Ted-Ted looks well loved. I had a yellow stuffed dog named Teddy that had a lot of love too. He's all worn out because we couldn't replace his covering, like we could with the stuffed kitty I had.

  5. I think I mentioned my teddy bear in one of your other posts. I never really gave it a name, but it's been with me for as long as I can remember.

    Apparently, as a toddler, I lost my first teddy and my parents replaced it with the same exact type, but somehow I knew it wasn't the same one. They said I cried & cried, but eventually gave in to the new one.



  6. I love all these stories -- thanks!

    Funny how some of you mention stuffed dogs. I'm on a quest to find one just like I had when I was younger. I had it for a long time, way past after meeting Rick, but I have no idea what I did with it. It was a stuffed poodle, with the most funny looking bluish hair. I named her FLOSSY. My neice was scared to death of her and Flossy was the only way I could keep her out of my room. I have to find her -- LOL!

  7. OH POOH! (pun intended)

    Tomorrow, October 8th, is National Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work Or School Day.

    I guess I posted this a day early!

  8. I had a teddy bear, but I loved my sock monkey more...and he was very worn and very loved...still have him...his poor tail is about to fall off...grin...

    How sad that your hubby never had a teddy bear...you should get him a small one, everyone should have one...grin...

  9. I had a chipmunk and panda that went everywhere with me. I recently retrieved them from my parent's house and they are in a bit worse shape than Ted-Ted! I couldn't part with them, though.

  10. I was never a doll girl, always loved my stuffed animals. I can't remember a specific bear but a white stuffed cat named Fluffy and a beloved dog named Bogart!

  11. I had a purple stuffed snake I wore around my neck everywhere I went - kinda like a scarf to keep me warm.

    My daughter was born a Tom-boy and she played with bears rather than dolls. She dressed them in Nike tennis shoes and little sports clothes. Her favorite bear was named - can you guess...? That's right, original, TED.

  12. I also do not have a teddy bear - I have a monkey named Judy that I have had forever and a big stuffed pig that I got from my husband (then boyfriend) when I was 18 and started my love for pigs.

    Judy is a stuffed animal but has a plastic face and hands, one of which holds a banana. Looking at her now she is fairly macabre in looks but I still love her. She is well sewn in many areas and her original outfit is long gone - my mom knit her a lovely pantsuit... more to keep her in one piece! I still have her on my 'kid' shelf with a few of my other childhood toys.

    As for the pig (Big Piggy), he sits on my bed and is still looking good 20 years later. I remember going off to university, all packed up and Big Piggy seatbelted into the seat beside me! lol Ah memories.

    Keep up the great blog Rena!

  13. Sadly I never had a Teddy Bear. Emliy will sleep with just about anything, she rotates. Hee Haylee has always slept with 2 stuffed dogs, they are pretty ragged. I knew about how teddy bears were named after Teddy Roosevelt, but had no idea about the story behind Radar's teddy. That is really neat!

    Thanks Rena