Monday, October 6, 2008

RIP Loveseat ...

Yesterday we said goodbye to an old friend. It was a sad, sad day. It really was. We took our beloved loveseat to the dump. I didn't think it would bother me, but it did. Rick pulled it from the van and it slammed down in the mud. He piled it on top of some other junk. I stood there looking at it and I couldn't help but feel sad. Rick & I bought this loveseat in 1986 when we moved into our very first apartment. I think we bought it at Levitz and it came with a matching sofa. Sadly, the sofa was in worse shape and we lost it a few years back. However, the loveseat was still decent, so it made the move with us from California to Montana in 2006. We put it in the boy's playroom and they got a lot of use out of it while watching movies and playing video games. As we drove away, with it's little arm splattered in mud and getting rained on, I realized how attached to things I get. It's just a loveseat, but it was special. It was one of the first things Rick & I bought as a couple. It had a good life. And after being with us for 22 years, we had to say goodbye and part ways. I would like to think it went to the Great Loveseat Heaven in the Sky, but heck, this is Montana. It's probably already found a new home and has forgotten all about how we so carelessly dumped it in the mud and abandoned it in the rain.

Goodbye old friend -- you served us well and will be missed! :'-(


  1. Yep, I know that sad feeling of letting go of something old and warn out. It's BECAUSE it's old and worn out that you care about it. Its worness shows all the love you given it through using it. 22 years is a long time to have a loveseat. Do they make them as sturdy and comfortable and longlasting? I guess that will remain to be seen.

  2. I can SO relate! I get attached to "things" too, especially those type of things that carry so many memories.

    I had to LOL at your line about "this is Montana, so it's probably already found a new home." Too funny! :0)


  3. Aw. It served you well. *hugs*

    Hey, TH has a pair of Spongebob pj pants with the same print as your son's pajamas. :)


  4. We have a chair my kids refuse to part with. I admit it's comfy, but it needs to be put out of its misery!
    I take pictures and try to remember it's the memories and not the things that are important. But it's hard to let go.

  5. I am so with you! I have alot of trouble parting with any of my 'stuff' that has any sort of emotional connection! (George Carlin was right on with his 'Stuff' routine!)

    I like your idea of loveseat heaven though.... where all good furniture goes to rest.

    How peaceful.

  6. That loveseat has seen you through many years and good times! Why don't they make things last like that anymore?

  7. Just think...your loveseat lasted over 20 years...something you buy today barely lasts 2 years it seems like...things just aren't made like they use to be...

    I guess that means the good news is, you won't have time to get too attached...grin...


  8. Oh, you're right about things lasting longer, verses how cheap stuff is today. Sadly, we replaced the loveseat with another loveseat we bought at Target. It's VERY cheap and probably won't last too long. It was on clearance for $40 and regularly priced at $130, so we couldn't pass it up. Very cheap, but it's a lot cleaner than the old one was. The old one's cushions wouldn't stay on the foam either, so that was a real pain.

    I'm glad to see others get attached to stuff just as much as I do.

  9. Awww Rena, I also know how you feel, I get attached too. Hopefully you'll love your new one just as much.


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