Sunday, October 26, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It might seem silly to celebrate, but today is the 2-year anniversary of the day we moved into our new house. As I posted before, we moved from California to Montana in 2006. Our house in California was only 2000 square feet. This house is twice that size. It's almost like 2 homes in one, since the downstairs has a large family room, mini kitchen and walk-out basement. We got to Montana a few days before we could move in, so we had to camp out in our travel trailer. We moved into it on October 26, 2006 and our truck still hadn't gotten here with our stuff. I remember the day we had new sofas delivered. It was like striking gold because we finally had something to sit on. It wasn't until Halloween day that the truck came. Up until then, I was sweating bullets because I had packed the boy's new Halloween costumes in the truck. They arrived just in time for the boys to go trick-or-treating. After about an hour, they were ready to come back home. They wanted to unpack their toys! A lot of our belongings had been in storage for about a year while we tried to sell our CA house. As much as the boys love Halloween, it was more like Christmas that day.

I started thinking about all the homes I've lived in. I know some people who have lived in the same home all their life. I know others who have moved more times than they can remember. As for me, I've lived in 9 different places, including apartments. They've all been in the same general area, with the exception of the house I'm in now. How about you -- how many homes have you lived in?


  1. I bought my house, which is an 1890 Victorian, from my parents. It's the house I grew up in. I have LOTS of stories that go along with this house.

    But after I went to college and got married, my husband and I lived in probably about 7 places before ending up here. (That doesn't include all the apartments I lived in during my college years.)

  2. That's cool to be living in such an old house, Kim. I bet there is a lot of history behind it.

  3. You have a beautiful home, Rena!

    My husband and I have lived in one apartment and two houses so far. Hopefully we will be in our current house for many more years. As a child, I lived in two different houses, both in ths same neighborhood. Then of course, the dorms, sorority house, and apartment in college.

  4. Great house, Rena!

    With my parents, I lived in 4 houses...(3 rented - 1 they bought)

    With my first marriage, I lived in 1 apartment and 3 houses (all rented)

    On my own, I lived in 2 houses & 1 apartment (all rented)

    With Hubs, I have lived in 1 apartment and the house we built and are living in right now...

    Hubs and I decided when we built the house that we needed a basement, because of the trouble we had getting this house built, if something happened to our marriage, he would move downstairs and I would live upstairs and we would pass poor Koda back and forth...grin...

    I do NOT want to move again! grin...

  5. Lovely home you are in now Rena!
    We've lived in 10 houses. Not all at the same time. 3 of them were in Belize the others in Scotland.
    We're pretty happy where we are now too.

  6. Your house is beautiful and I bet the scenery is amazing, by the way you describe it!

    I've lived in about 12 different places between Illinois, Wisconsin and North Carolina. I'm hoping our next move will be our last, and I hope it's my dream home here in the same area. (Knock on wood) :0)


  7. I haven't lived many places at all!
    I lived in a house as a child til age 2, then my parents moved to a bigger place where they still live today. When I married, I lived in couples residence at university, then my husband and I moved back to my parents! lol We bought our first house when it was just Vince and I and the cats and we had to move once kids arrived!

    So I guess my total is 5 but since I NEVER plan to move again - that is not so bad!


  8. I lived in 5 different houses growing up in the same town due to circumstances. Then I moved to Wyoming and in the 25 years I've lived here I have lived in 5 different houses too. Weird! Who knows if we'll ever move again.


  9. Thanks for your replies, everyone. Looks like we've all moved around quite a bit. I counted our Ojai house as two because we lived in the older home first and then after burning it down, we lived in the newer one. Two different houses, same address for 17+ years!

  10. Love your house. have the bears come up those front steps yet?
    I have lived in 7 houses all up.

    House one, only as a baby, then Moved when I was 2 to the house I spent priamry school in in Victoria, moved to Queensland at 14 in one place for two years, mum and dad bought the house they are in now, so thats number 4, then as I moved out and rented, 5, 6 and now 7. Did not realise there was so many! More in my horizon I am sure!

  11. Beautiful house! I don't know how many places I've lived in all, but we moved to a brand new house when I was 5 and my parents stayed til they retired. It was then demolished to make room for road improvements - so we were the only family to live there.

  12. Dee -- I don't know if the bears have attempted those stairs yet. If you look at them, you'd think whoever built them was drunk when he designed them. They're really steep and literally go at an angle. It's tricky going up & down them.

  13. Montana looks beautiful! So does your house! as for your question, I think I may be part Gypsy.

    In the past eleven years, my husband and I have lived in three states – Florida, California and Illinois – and nine homes- three of which we owned. In high school, my parents moved from Chicago to Boston to London. Then, in and after college, they moved to California then Virginia then Arizona then back to Virginia and then back to California. They've been in Malibu for three years now. And no my dad isn't in the military – he's in advertising.