Thursday, May 13, 2010


I guess it pays to have a mother-in-law who is a retired teacher! The other day she sent me a box filled with these books. A lot relate to US history, so that's cool. And there's even one for egg carton crafts, so that's really cool. Ha ha -- guess you know where my interest is! Awhile back, she sent me a huge box of craft supplies. I swear, we have construction paper coming out of our ears! Not to mention pom-poms, pipe cleaners, glue, extra scissors, stencils, and more. Anyway, these books were a nice, unexpected surprise.

Have you had any unexpected surprises lately?


  1. How cool! I love how these books make history fun.

  2. Books are so much fun. My eleven year old pupils adore being set free in the picture book library boxes.

  3. That is one nice pile of books! (and free books!!)
    We went to the school book fair tonight, which is always fun. Grandma came with and bought the kids three books each (so free to me, too! :).
    Hurray for books! Hurray for free books! :)

  4. My daughter got a speeding ticket - does that count?


  5. My mother in law is also a retired teacher. The inlaws live about 2 hours away so we see them every couple of months and they never come without at least 10 books each for the kids. Usually I have to check out the books first as she seems to forget the ages of her grandkids (we have alot of books stored for a few years down the road!) But all in all it is always fun to see what books they get.

    As for surprises, on a good / bad note, I cleaned out my mom's closet last weekend as my dad plans to paint and decided it was time. It was sad to go through and clean out though seeing things brought back many memories. And my mom was ever prepared and organized. As I went through her jewellery box, there were all these boxes with people's names on it - and little notes. It was a lovely surprise to read small notes from my mom that went with various pieces of jewellery. The notes will be treasured along side the pieces.

  6. What a great surprise!
    My best surprise lately was the boys' mothers day gifts to me.

  7. My mom is a former teacher, and we always get great books from her. She just can't resist!

  8. Wow, that's a great stash of books. I love books. My unexpected surprise the other day was when my story teller friend told me she scheduled me for an hour in the story teller tent at the WV State Folk Festival in June.

  9. I want someone to send me a box of educational books or even craft things :( - LOL. That is awesome but one of those books looks to be a little competition for me - shun that book, Rena - lol, only kidding. My godmother used to send us, my brothers and me but mostly me, boxes for now reason and usually there were several books along with one or two toys. I loved it then and would love getting surprise boxes like that now. Of course I'd just like to get boxes of books for reading now - like mysteries and young adults and fun stuff - no romance though - just not a romance reader. Good thing the library is still functional or I'd never have anything to read. E :)

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