Monday, May 24, 2010

Weirdos ...

I swear, I have the weirdest family sometimes. They crack me up with things they say. Here are few of the more recent ones ...

"If you get married again, I'm moving out." -- Neil
"I dreamt you put me in a mental hospital." -- Rick
"They were feeding me liver, onions, and pancakes." -- Rick
"Do the eggs come out of their butts?" -- Nathan
"When I push on my eyeballs, I see cities." -- Neil
"I dreamt teeth were growing out of my tongue!" -- Nathan
"Where did my eyelashes go?" -- Rick
"Maybe we should get a puppy." -- Nathan

I have to admit, that last one made me laugh the hardest. A puppy -- yeah, right. Who needs a puppy when I have a houseful of clowns?


  1. These are so funny! I'm glad you wrote them down. You need something to embarass them with when they bring their girlfriends home...

  2. "When I push on my eyeballs, I see cities." -- Neil

    I LOVE this one. :)

  3. "I dreamt you put me in mental hospital" Funny, I already feel like I live in one.

  4. Very cute! And yes you should get a puppy ;)

  5. Those are fantastic! I also love the one about pushing on eyeballs and seeing cities. Very visual.

  6. A Mental hospital! BWAHAHAHA. What did your kid eat before bed?

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  7. Maybe not a puppy, but a housebroken dog might be a good option! My kids are waaaaay harder than my dog lol!

  8. Rick's missing his eyelashes? LOL Those are great


  9. My sons have also asked me if eggs come out of butts!

  10. Puppies are a lot of work! Kids do say the cutest things.

  11. LOL Angela -- Rick would be my husband, which makes the mental hospital part all the more funny. I haven't got one lined up for him yet, but you never know! ;)