Saturday, June 19, 2010

Got Fortunes?

I dusted the inside of my china cabinet today. I know, I know -- thrillsville. If you saw how much stuff I had in it, you'd understand why I don't dust very often. Maybe I'll take a picture of it for another post. But anyway ...

One thing I keep in there are fortunes from fortune cookies. I'm not sure when I started saving them or even why, but it had to be in the early 80s when I first started dating Rick. I've been sticking them in a brandy glass for years. I decided to dust off the glass, so I dumped all the fortunes out and counted them. There are 212 fortunes! That includes the ones Rick has gotten, by the way. My collection has slowed down since moving to Montana. There aren't any good Chinese food restaurants here. There's supposed to be a decent one in Polson, about 30 minutes away, so maybe I can try it sometime. It's just one of those weird collections that I don't think about much. I'm going to randomly pull out a few of them ...

  • You will travel far and wide for both business and pleasure.
  • Time is precious, but truth is more precious than time.
  • You will be surrounded by things of luxury.
  • You will be called upon to help a friend in trouble.
  • Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it.
  • You will be fortunate in everything you put your hands to.
  • Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life.
I really like that last one and feel it's so true. Maybe that was Rick's fortune. A long, long time ago he told a friend, "You're only as happy as you let yourself be." A few years back, that same friend contacted Rick out of the blue. He had worked his tail off and became a doctor. He called Rick to tell him that his words stuck with him the whole time he struggled with medical school. You never know how your words are going to affect someone.

How about you -- do you collect anything weird like this?


  1. I love fortune cookies with their funny little sayings, but sometimes one of them rings true for you at that moment.

    I don't collect anything except 20 pence coins, but I always have to raid my jar when I need change so the most I ever saved up was only £10.

  2. well, that is strange but cool.
    I collect frogs, but don't think that's as weird as fortunes!

  3. We collect fortunes, too! We used to keep them in a giant bowl (we called it the bowl of goodness). I finally transferred them to a box so they wouldn't gather dust. I thought I was the only one who couldn't throw those away. :)

  4. That is a neat collection. I don't collect anything. The fortune cookies from where we go here are gross for one thing and the fortunes aren't fortunes, they're sayings and usually stupid. LOL

  5. If we went to Chinese restaurants, I would probably collect those too. I collect lots of stuff, but nothing really weird. At least I don't think they are weird. Let's see...old salt & pepper shakers, old cookie jars, vintage aprons, vintage cloth tablecloths, little golden books, vintage women's hats,rolling pins, etc. See, I told you I collect lots of things.

  6. Have you ever made your own fortune cookies? I used to have a recipe for them, but I've lost it!