Friday, June 4, 2010

A little bit of orange ...

I just edited yesterday's post. It wasn't a Baltimore Oriole, like Nathan had said it was. I'd like to say my bird boy is losing his bird touch, but he was so close. I looked them up and we don't have those birds here. What we do have are Black-Headed Grosbeaks and that's what he saw yesterday. They look almost identical, but if you look at the Oriole, it has a much thinner beak. I guess that's why they call these grosbeaks because their bills are so thick. The picture is a little blurry, but that's because I took it from inside the house and my windows need cleaning.

Speaking of windows, this silly bird just flew up to the French doors in my bedroom. He hovered at the glass for a few seconds, bopped into it a few times, and then flew off. He's done it twice so far. I'm not sure what he's thinking. Either he sees his reflection and thinks he's fighting with another bird, or he wants to come in for a cup of coffee. One or the other. I was hoping he'd do it again so I could get a picture.

I have good news about my third picture book, The Marshmallow Man. The proof is done at the printers, so it's just a matter of however long it takes them to print the copies up. My publisher said it looks adorable, so I can't wait to see it. I'm not sure when 4RV Publishing, LLC will have it up on their site for pre-orders. I will be getting a few copies myself, so if you're interested in getting a signed one for me, let me know. I won't have many, but the book will also be available through 4RV, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and of course, available to order at any bookstore. All you need is the ISBN number to order it, which I will put up on my website as soon as I get it. In the meantime, if you'd like to watch the book trailer, here it is ...


  1. Exciting news about your book! Wonderful!
    And that bird is so cute. I would have said it was a juvenile robin. See how much I know, ha.

  2. Lovely to see birds from your part of the world!
    And how exciting about the book!

  3. Baltimore Oriole. How cute is that?

    Yay! Great news about The Marshmallow Man!

  4. I've been loving your bird photos.
    Wow! Exciting that Marshmallow Man is almost here!

  5. Beautiful - thanks for sharing. And go MM go

  6. Woohoo!! I want a copy please! Those a really pretty birds, love the colors!