Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Cat

Could this little goober look any happier? After waking me up at 5am for his lovely-time and then eating a few bites of scrambled eggs, ham, and cheese for breakfast -- this is what happens! Man, don't you wish you could take a snooze right after breakfast? Denny is so spoiled.

One of his little quirks is his lovey-time in the morning. Every single day he wakes me up at 6am, wanting my full attention. He plops himself down on my face or neck and rolls back and forth. Then he sticks his wet nose right on my lips and rubs his drooly mouth on my cheek to try to wake me up. If I don't pet him enough, he stands up and flops on his other side and does the same thing. And the entire time his purring is deafening! Every single day ...

Today, however, he decided not to wait until 6am and got me up at 5am instead. I'm not sure why. Maybe he's getting ready for the time change when we fall back. Leave it to the Denster to not want to miss a beat. Rick just laughs because that's the same time he gets up for work. Not me -- it is the hardest time of the morning for me to wake up because I must be in my deepest sleep. And he doesn't do it to Rick either -- just me. Aren't I the lucky one? No wonder I've been so tired lately and no wonder he looks so happy in this picture -- he wore himself out!


  1. Ananke and I have lovey-time in the mornings too... She waits until my alarm goes off and when she sees my eyes open she crawls up in bed with me... Some slobbery smooches and then she rolls over for me to scratch her belly...

    What would we ever do without them?

  2. My dog licks my face when she's ready to get up in the morning! But I don't mind because she's so darn cute!
    I love how much you adore your new kitty, Rena!! She's a cutie!

  3. But you exist only for him now. He's the owner and you're the pet, servant, mom, nurse, and confidant;)

  4. He's smothering you with kindness. Literally!


  5. what is with cats and the early morning love-fests? I swear, they are all wired that way!