Monday, October 4, 2010

Popeye the Frog

Back when we first moved to Montana, I kept noticing this book sticking face out on a shelf in our local Borders. I ended up buying it for my boys. It's called Popeye the Little Tree Frog's Big Adventure. It's written by a local man named Jack Crandall. The story is a result of an assignment for a creative writing class Jack took online in 2004 and it's based on an actual incident. It's published by Scott Publishing in Kalispell, MT. I believe that is a self-publishing company, though I could be wrong.

The book is about a little tree frog that was discovered in a bag of spinach leaves. The story was featured in our local newspaper here in Kalispell, Montana. Kids ages 4-8 follow the adventures of Popeye from how he was captured to his discovery and finally his new home in a classroom. My boys and I read it awhile back when we first bought the book. Nathan read it to us again today and we enjoyed it just as much.

It's interesting to see the book costs so much through Amazon. I'm not sure how that works, but this link shows it from $35 to $179 from various sellers. I think I paid $9 for it at Borders and I'm pretty sure they still have copies there. So, if anyone is interested in getting it at a more reasonable price, let me know and I might be able to find a copy. If your kids like frogs, this is definitely a fun book to add to their collection. It is beautifully illustrated by Bob Cavanaugh. There are also some facts at the end about various types of tree frogs. It's a cute picture book!


  1. $179 WOW that little frog better be "strong to the finish" with a PRICE like that and I wonder if he "eats his spinach" ;)

  2. Wow! Has it become somehow hard to find and valuable? Sounds like a sweet story.

  3. Just the premise sounds charming!

  4. How cute. The prices on Amazon vary I love it when new cost less than second hand, and not even collectable, that happens often.