Saturday, June 25, 2011

Disney's PhotoPass

We got our Disney PhotoPass CD the other day. When we went to Disney World we had signed up for the PhotoPass feature. They give you a card to hand to photographers throughout the parks, usually at the prime photo locations. My ILs paid for this and they're getting a really cool memory book. I'm having it shipped to me so I can see it first before sending it to them. I spent several days designing it, so I'd at least like to see it. We're keeping the CD that has a lot of the pictures.

This picture is one of those, taken at the Animal Kingdom with the Tree of Life in the background. Personally, I don't know if I'd pay for this service every time I went, but it was nice to do it once. I'm hoping the memory book for my ILs turns out well, especially since they don't take a lot of pictures. What was nice was that I could upload my pictures to add to the book along with the ones the Disney photographers took, so that was cool. My ILs are already talking about going back. I told you they loved it there.


  1. Great pic! We used the photo pass as well. A little pricier but we figured the Disney memories are worth it! We made albums as well!! (one for my inlaws who took us to Disney and one for us). They turned out great!

  2. Very cool and I love the Tree of Life