Saturday, July 2, 2011

Precious ...

Isn't this baby fawn just the cutest thing? I took this picture yesterday while standing on my deck. I had been watching a couple of white-tailed deer in the yard. The fawn was curious and walked closer to the house. It was interesting to hear the mother communicating for it to come back. She made sort of a grunting noise. The fawn wasn't paying attention and finally the doe came down and stood between me and her baby. Then she corralled the baby back up the hill. They're just so adorable at this age. Here are some cool facts about fawns ...

  • A baby deer is called a fawn.

  • They're born with spots, but lose them by their first summer.

  • By winter, a fawn weighs 44 to 77 pounds.

  • Fawns make a high-pitched squeal sound called bleating.

  • Male fawns tend to be bigger and heavier than females.

  • For the first month, fawns lie still and hide while the mother eats.

  • Fawns are weaned after 8 to 10 weeks.

  • Males leave their mother after one year.

  • Females leave their mother after two years.

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  1. Beautiful - I saw a deer on my half-marathon weekend as I was riding the course. It was right up to the path. :)