Sunday, September 25, 2011

Great book finds!

Can you believe this entire lot of books cost me $2.32 at the Salvation Army? I originally posted on Facebook that it cost $2.57, but I had forgotten I'd spent a quarter on a little dinosaur toy for Neil, so it was even cheaper. Normally, I pay a dime for kid's books at the Salvation Army and hard covers are sometimes a quarter. They're having a sale right now, so they were even cheaper than usual. How great is that! I buy a lot of Little Golden Books because I collect them. Sometimes they're not in the best shape, but every now and then I get a first edition one that's a real find.

We already have a lot of the Great Illustrated Classics, so I was thrilled to find Frankenstein. I think I paid a quarter for that one, maybe less with the sale. My boys are interested in the Frankenstein story, but still way too young to read the original, so this will be an easier way to introduce it to them. They always peek around the corner when I watch the original film around Halloween every year. They're interested, but they don't like anything too scary. Maybe one of these days they'll watch it with me and realize how sad of a story it really is.

The other great find was Stanley's Christmas Adventure. We just read the original Flat Stanley in school last week for the second time. We're going to be taking part in a Flat Stanley exchange with another homeschool family, so the boys are excited about that. We've only read the original story, so I was thrilled to find one of the sequels. I also found one of Roald Dahl's books, George's Marvelous Medicine, which we didn't have, so that was cool.

How about you -- gotten any great book deals lately?


  1. I love that you got all those books for less than $3! I need to find a Salvation Army!

  2. Holy major books for the money! Great finds!

  3. Great finds!
    Do they keep the books on the side for you I bet your their best customer
    When I was working in animation we worked on “The Dancing Frog”
    I believe it was written by Roland Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake that was a true treat