Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where's my island?

Do you ever feel like like you're living on the Island of Misfit Toys? So, let's see here ... there was the Spotted Elephant, A Dolly for Sue, Bird Fish, a cowboy who rides an ostrich, a Charlie-in-the-Box, Trainer with his square wheels, a toy boat that sinks, a squirt gun that squirts grape jelly, an airplane that can't fly, and more. I guess we can't forget Rudolph,  Hermey the Elf, and Yukon Cornelius -- they're all misfits, too.

As a kid, I watched Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer every year at Christmas. Even when I was little, I could relate to the toys on this show. I never felt like I fit in anywhere -- not at school, not with kids at school, and not even in  my gymnastics class -- which I loved. Call me a killjoy, but I used to get irritated when the coach would stop to talk about make-up, rather than let us take our turn on the balance beam. My mom spent hundreds of dollars for me to take gymnastics -- not learn about lip gloss.

I recently joined an online message board and I completely feel like a misfit there. It's for a subject I know a lot about. You'd think I'd fit right in, but I don't. Maybe it's because there are so many members and I haven't gotten to know anyone. Or maybe it's because everyone has their own way of doing things and think their way is the only way. Or maybe it's because they're all super opinionated and can't find it in their hearts to be supportive and accepting of people who do things different than they do. I don't know. I'm no angel. I'm not perfect. But good grief ... I hope I'm not that bad. I've spent a lot of time there hoping to make some new friends and get encouragement, but it doesn't seem to be happening for me. Either I'm just like one of the Misfit Toys ... or they're inhabiting the whole damn island.

Okay, that's enough of my pity party for the day ... sorry.


  1. I know just how you feel. I never feel like I fit in, or am truly part of the group. (Oh, & I love Rudolph too)It's a struggle. Don't know what to tell you other than you're not alone. We can form our own little misfit support group. :D

  2. You're not alone, honey. There's a reason I go online, to find the other people not consumed with hate but eager to be creative and spread some joy in the here and now.

  3. Green Girl has it right! The goal is to find people, like us, who like to focus on the good stuff and be open to other people's ideas.

    If Green Girl and I were on an island, you'd fit right in. ;)

    BTW, I totally get the Island of Misfit Toys Reference - here's an old post: