Monday, March 22, 2010


I've got a new addiction -- Africam! I don't even know how I stumbled on this the other day, but it's a great site. Now, I've never been into live webcams that much. The ones in zoos are kind of boring for me. The only one I really ever check is the Lake McDonald webcam in Glacier National Park. That's usually to check the weather before we head up there. Other than that, I've never really been into webcams. Well, until now ...

Africam is amazing! This morning the boys and I watched it for about an hour. In that time, we saw a herd of zebras, a troop of baboons, several elephants, some wildebeests, some Dik Diks, a few warthogs, and a bunch of different types of birds. Last night I saw a water lizard monitor sitting in the sun by the watering hole. I still need to read the website more to find exactly where these cameras are located. I'm guessing in the African animal reserves or someplace. Even so, this is so much more interesting than watching an animal in a zoo. The other day someone spotted two cheetahs on the camera. I didn't see it live, but got to watch the video they put up afterwards.

My family is really into national parks and sometimes we'll drive around all day looking for wildlife. Yellowstone is a good one for that, as is Grand Teton. Africam is really fun for me because I get to see animals I'm not as familiar with. One of these days I'd love to go on one of those African safari photo trips. What an experience that would be! If you like, check out the Africam website. They're also on Facebook and Twitter, so if something good comes up, people will let you know. Also, I have the badge at the bottom right of my blog. Just click on it and it takes you right to their site. The only downside is that it's nighttime in Africa right now, which means I have to stay up late or get up early to see the action. It's worth it though!


  1. this is so awesome! thank you for passing it on! I worked in Parks for 12 years so my heart is definitely there!

  2. That is addicting - so easy to sit and wait... hoping to see something.

  3. Ooohhh! I'm going to check it out!
    Elephants, and cheetahs and wildebeests, oh my!

  4. OK that site is just to cool! Just saw a herd of zebras! The sounds are so beautiful!

  5. I have sons and sons of friends who are going to LOVE this site! So thank you!