Friday, March 12, 2010

What's your phobia?

I was looking through some phobias of famous people yesterday and found they were pretty interesting. I have a hard time laughing at any of them, since I have a pretty irrational phobia myself. Johnny Depp is apparently afraid of clowns. I thought that was odd because of the almost clown-like make-up he wore for his role as the Mad Hatter. Others include ...
  • Nicole Kidman -- fear of butterflies
  • Orlando Bloom -- fear of pigs
  • Megan Fox -- fear of paper
  • Billy Bob Thornton -- fear of antiques
  • Christina Ricci -- fear of houseplants
  • Tyra Banks -- fear of dolphins
  • David Beckham -- fear of disorder
  • Uma Thurman -- fear of confined spaces
  • Bobby Brown -- fear of dogs and heights
  • Carmen Electra -- fear of water
  • Matthew McConaughey -- fear of revolving doors
  • Oprah Winfrey -- fear of chewed gum
  • Madonna -- fear of thunder

So, what's your phobia? Do you have one? Click here for a list. When I first started my blog in August 2008, I posted about my phobia -- Scoleciphobia. That's the fear of worms. I can't stand the things. I know they won't hurt me, but they give me the major willies. I tried to overcome the fear by writing a picture book called TOO MANY WORMS! It's about a little worm named Maude who feels overcrowded and wants to find a place where she can be alone. Did you know that there are approximately ONE MILLION worms under the ground on an acre of land? Anyway, Maude has become quite popular in our house. Neil absolutely hates her, so when and if I ever get that book published, I'm going to dedicate it to just him.


  1. I have a fear of cutting myself when I'm slicing food. It's like I can imagine it happen and have to put the knife down!

  2. Oh wow! My friend has your same worm phobia. She HATES rainy days when they're all over the driveway.
    I'm afraid of enclosed places and spiders.

  3. My daughter is terrified of elevators, but not worms. I actually have a picture of her kissing a worm!

  4. I'm with you Rena. I have the fear of worm...

  5. Bees, wasps, hornets. If it buzzes and has a stinger, I'm a quivering mess.

  6. I used to be pretty phobic about spiders but I worked through it. However I still get an strange uncomfortable feeling when I'm in places like Kansas or Nebraska. I don't really like being in wide open spaces. But what's really strange is I don't feel that way when I'm on the ocean. Go figure!

  7. We have plenty here thunder and lightning. Mine is brontophobia! lightning makes me jump out of my skin.

  8. And Carmen Electra is afraid of water? The Baywatch girl?

    I don't like bats. I know they help us; we even have a bat box on the side of the house so they eat mosquitos. But I freak out when they are swooping around me (which happens a few times every summer). Freak out. I also worry that one will bite my child and they won't realize it and they will die of rabies. I seriously worry about that!

  9. I love bats. I have good old claustrophobia. It's only hit a few times, but I passed out on both occasions. (Once on a train going through Spain.) The weird thing is that I don't really get anxious before hand. I'm happily going about my day, okay in the tiny train compartment, or the broom closet my school was using as a classroom. And that's when I feel my impending death, get tunnel vision, and I'm out cold. Luckily people tend to move unconscious people away from small spaces and large crowds.

  10. Oooh, some good fears here!

    Sherrie -- I'd probably faint if I had to kiss a worm. Or die. ;)

  11. I'm with Johnny Depp. *:) And yet I have had to illustrate many clowns.

  12. I'm afraid of turtles. Sad, but true.

  13. I have never thought of stuff in terms of fear before - I always say "I don't like..." but I guess it comes down to fear. Basically I don't like flying (but I do), bees, wasps, hornets, bats, worms, spiders, most bugs, snakes, large groups of birds (think Hitchcock), enclosed spaces... wow, I am angst filled and didn't even know it.