Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Celebrity Smells ...

I saw an article yesterday (more like a slideshow) of celebrities who have come out with their own perfumes. Other than simply to make money, I've never understood why these people think their fragrances are so great. Some are downright awful. The only celebrity fragrances I like are by Priscilla Presley. I don't think they're manufactured anymore, but she had four of them -- Moments, Indian Summer, Roses & More, and Experiences. I loved all of them, though the only one I have now is Experiences. In her case, her name sold the product for me because of her relation to Elvis. However, had they smelled gross, I wouldn't have gotten them. Other than those, I usually don't buy perfumes from celebrities.

I was really surprised to see just how many there were though! Check out this list to see some of them. I expected to see the usual -- actresses, singers, socialites, and a few sports figures. However, I was kind of surprised to see some others. Did you know the author Danielle Steel has her own fragrance? How about Miss Piggy? Barbie? Kiss? Yep, they do. Even the the characters from Desperate Housewives have their own perfume, as do Dora the Explorer and Austin Powers. I suppose if you have a big enough name and someone willing to invest in you, anyone can have their own fragrance line. Strawberry Shortcake has hers -- so does Carlos Santana! So, here are a few questions for you ...
  1. Which celebrity fragrances do you like?
  2. Which celebrity fragrances do you not like?
  3. If you were a celebrity, what would you name your fragrance?


  1. Holy smokes! I had no idea there were so many "celeb" smells! I don't wear any perfume--I'm a little particular about smells. But if I were to make my own frangrance, I'd call it "Green."

  2. My husband hates perfume so I never wear it anymore, but when I did, it was never a celebrity fragrance. It was Fracas. I had no idea all those perfumes existed!

  3. I don't understand why celebrities have fragrances either. I've never bought a celebrity fragrance. I usually like Estee Lauder ones, but I've actually been wearing an Ed Hardy perfume lately my mother in law gave me .
    I like fresh fragrances, nature inspired.

  4. I had no idea, either, that there were so many. I guess they target the younger kids, mostly, who are fans of the celebrities. I also love your title, "Celebrity Smells..."

  5. I've never bought a celebrity perfume, but I've sampled a few. I'd have to say, the closest I've ever come to buying one is Glow by Jennifer Lopez. It wasn't strong and it smelled clean, with a hint of my favourite scent, Jasmine (Night Blooming Jasmine, to be precise).

    If it's a white floral and isn't overwhelming, I'm interested. Right now, I exclusively wear Bath & Body Works' Night Blooming Jasmine body cream & body spray. I also use the body wash. It can still be bought on their site and when they have semi-annual sales, but they don't sell anything in that scent beyond the basics.


  6. I always said I'd like a job thinking up paint or makeup colors. Scents is close. I'd want names to do with flowers and gemstones.

  7. I didn't buy any celebrity fragrance, and I didn't know there are so many..More money for them in marketing these :-)

  8. Ugh! I'm so not into scents - some of them are just too smelly!

    I like vanilla.

    A co-worker of mine used to wear SUNG and I really liked that . . . but I've never found it for sale.

    Flowery perfumes make me gag!

  9. I'd love to smell Miss Piggy's fragrance!

    I can't wear perfumes. My sense of smell is way too sensitive for them, even the most subtle ones. The only thing I can manage to wear everyday is wild honeysuckle lotion from Bath & Body Works.

    If I had a fragrance, I'd probably name it Whatever!

  10. Thanks for the replies! I forgot I have some of Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds perfume. But, it was a gift from my MIL. I also used a little bottle of Shania's when I was on vacation last year and wanted something small.

    My favorite is White Shoulders though, which always reminds me of my grandmother.

    I think if I were to come up with my own fragrance, the word BLUE would have to be in it. Well, not unless you think Dilly could sell a cologne. LOL! Maybe he could have one that smelled like pickles!

  11. wow that is very interesting about the perfume!! the lake you were asking about is Pend Orielle (Ponderay) Have a wonderful week!

  12. I hardly ever use perfume as most turn on me and smell bad. Give me rose or ambergris oil and I'm happy.