Thursday, March 11, 2010

I so hungry ...

"Please, lady, can I have more seeds? I promise I'll be good. I'll share with my brothers and everything. Please ... just a few more? Pretty please?"

Silly squirrels. I took this picture a few days ago, but now their feeder is completely buried in snow, so they're having to dig a little harder for their seeds. Crazy weather. It was so nice recently and we started seeing more birds coming back. Even saw a chipmunk! Then the very next day, we got over 3 inches of new snow. We must just be high enough at the house because the rest of town doesn't have much snow.

Good news on the pillow front! The memory foam contour pillow is working out GREAT! I've used it for the past four nights and have slept really good. Haven't woken up with a sore neck either. It's a funny looking pillow and it doesn't look like it would be very comfortable, but I'm really liking it -- a lot!

Don't forget about my Lemur Troops & Critter Groups Book Giveaway! It runs through Monday. I'll be posting the winner on Monday morning sometime. There are three ways to enter -- blog about my book on your blog, post a review on Amazon, or list your favorite animal. Check the link for more details and feel free to tell your friends as well -- thanks, everyone!


  1. I am so glad to hear the pillow is working out! I just LOVE mine! The big end works out great for reading in bed, and as I said the other day, I tend to either start by using the smaller end, or wake up with the smaller end under me. When I turn over during the night and end up on my stomach, apparently I flip it!

  2. What an adorable picture!!!

    Glad your pillow is working. A good nights sleep is crucial.

    I'll check out your link. I'd love to win a copy.

  3. p.s. I just added your book picture to today's blog post.

  4. AGH!!!!!

    Just FYI, I am TERRIFIED of squirrels. Inconvenient since there's no escaping them...not even online!


  5. That's a really great photo. I'd like to get one that good someday. Glad to hear you've found the right pillow!


  6. That picture is too cute! I'm jealous of your snow.

    Glad you're sleeping well! : )

  7. awwww I love squirrels. I wish we had them in NZ. Wouldn't you just love to give those wee ears a squeeze. hehe Have you any pics of the chipmunk?

  8. Aw. He looks like he's clutching his stomach! "Please, my tummy huuuurrrts...want...more...seeds..." *thud*

    Glad the pillow is working out for you. :)


  9. Another great picture!!!

    Way-to-go Rena.

  10. Cute picture!!!


  11. I always get a kick out of squirrels--I can't wait for our trees to get bigger so we can enjoy them closer to our house!
    Great pillow update!

  12. Glad to know the pillow is working out for you, Rena.
    That's a very cute picture of the squirrel.

  13. ANDY!!! So good to see you again my friend! :) Here is to another year of the silly humans feeding you. Just sit there and look cute and the lady who lives in your house will hook you up with some quality seeds!