Monday, July 12, 2010

My Flower Pictures

I've been taking a lot of flower pictures lately and decided to add some of the newer ones onto the slide show I made awhile back. I hope you enjoy seeing them. The link on the right has been updated as well. Also, at the very bottom of my blog, I've added my Zazzle store. Some of my newer photographs are featured there as well.


  1. LOVE the iris picture. They are my most favorite flower ever! Beautiful pictures as always!


  2. Those are sow pretty - they're blooming with beauty - love the ant in the 2nd slide :)

  3. If you tell me all these flowers are in your garden, I'm moving in.

    Lilies, Poppies, Roses, Morning Glories, Daisies, Iris...heavenly!

  4. LOL Suzanne! No, not all of them. A lot are wildflowers that do grow around here. Others were taken at my house in CA or in various places -- anywhere from the SD Zoo to Disneyland to gas stations. I'm a pain to go anywhere with because I'm always stopping to snap something.