Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When it rains, it pours ...

The saying, "When it rains, it pours" generally refers to things going from bad to worse. I suppose with anything, you can flip that around and make it positive. Take my writing, for example. I've been in a real slump. I have had the itch to write, but haven't had the ideas or inspiration. I've been sitting with my laptop, staring at a blank screen, only to end up on Facebook or blogs and never writing a thing.

Two nights ago I was having trouble sleeping. I'd fall asleep and dream about being unable to write, only to wake up frustrated. Then in the middle of the night, an idea hit me. Just out of nowhere -- I had an idea for a new picture book! So, late last night I grabbed a pen and a pad of paper and started putting my ideas down. "This is going to be great," I said. "I don't think there are any books like this!" However, when it rains, it pours ...

As I tried to fall asleep last night with the new idea floating in my head, another story idea popped in. What the heck is that all about? Here I have what I think is this awesome idea, only to be sabotaged by a new one! It's like my brain was on vacation, or worse, just sitting there rotting away. Now all of a sudden it think it's some kind of sports car that can go from zero to sixty in three seconds. But one thing I've learned about myself is that I write in spurts. When an idea finally hits me, I'm usually bombarded with several more. After all, when it rains, it pours ...

Raindrops keep falling on my head -- oh man, I just love the rain!


  1. Have fun with the new ideas! I love when this happens!

  2. Sounds like it's raining good things.

  3. At least the dry spell is over.

    Yeah. I said it. ;)


  4. YAY for new ideas! I've been a little blocked lately, too. But, I think it is all the waiting. :)

  5. Congrats Rena, have fun!


  6. I LOVE when that happens! Congrats and have fun with it!

  7. Brains are mysterious beings who function on their own time schedule. All the time while you were idealess, your brain was behaving like a field lying fallow. It wasn't doing nothing, it was resting and getting revitalize.

    Keep that pen and paper handy. More may come your way.

  8. I know how you feel. I'll be trying to focus on my current WIP and I find that my mind wanders to new ideas. It usually happens when I'm trying to revise. I have two WIPs I'm currently working on. However, I have laid them to the side for a short while, maybe...

    I think it's a great thing to have a fertile and creative mind. Especially as a writer. xoxo

  9. I love when the ideas flow. It gives me such a rush!
    Congrats to you!

  10. Gotta love when that rain pours on the ideas...Good luck with them!!

  11. Great news, Rena!

    Let it all saturate the soil and the writing brain.

    Don't forget to put out the all the butts to build up a reserve.