Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sea-Monkey Day!

Okay, here is one holiday you're sure to enjoy -- National Sea-Monkey Day! I know, I'm losing it with all these crazy holidays, but they make me laugh. Someone, somewhere has to think of them all. This is the official website for Sea-Monkeys, just in case you need to know more about these funny little things. According to the websites I've seen ...
  • Sea-Monkeys are a unique species of brine shrimp.
  • They can live up to 2 years.
  • Sea-Monkeys are the size of a period when born.
  • They grow to be 1/2 to 3/4 inches long.
  • Sea-Monkeys can only survive in a special water formula.
  • They are born with one eye, but grow two more -- three in all!
  • Sea-Monkeys breathe through their feet.

I've never had Sea-Monkeys. It was always one of those kits I wanted when I was a kid, but my mom always said no. I never had ant farms either. We had one of those when the girls were younger and it was fun watching the ants. I see the Sea-Monkey kits at the store all the time and I joke to Rick that we need to get one. Like my mom, he rolls his eyes and says no. Well, good golly and goshdarnit -- today is National Sea-Monkey Day, and I'm going to go up to town today and buy me some Sea-Monkeys!

Have you ever had Sea-Monkeys and if so, what were your experiences?


  1. I remember the Sea Monkey ads on the backs of comic books. They were such a hoot!

    In 8th or 9th grade a classmate actually got some and the class "grew" them for an Earth Science project. We were all mightily disappointed that they didn't have little crowns and carry little tridents and build little castles to live in. They didn't live very long either.

  2. Connor brought home a kit from school, when we lived in AZ. They thrived in the AZ sun from our kitchen window sill. They were great fun to watch and Connor loved to "take care of them". We still had them when we moved to IN and they almost made it all the way there, but the last day of the move, the little tank spilled over. Connor was crushed! When we got to PA, we replaced them. They didn't thrive as much in the PA sun, but they finally met their demise when the cat knocked over the tank. Right down the kitchen drain they went. Replaced them again. Cat did the same thing. We have now given up on the whole Sea Monkey thing. If you get some, Rena, I think you'll enjoy watching them swim around as we did.

  3. I remember those. I think we got some once, but I don't think they did very well. It was fun to see them and I remember also being disappointed that they didn't look like the ad. LOL

    Enjoy them if you get them Rena!


  4. You know, I've never actually owned Sea-Monkeys before. Now that you've brought them up, though, I might look into getting some.

    The girls, particularly Ellie, are into watching things grow right now. We planted sunflowers recently(giant and dwarf) and they both get excited everytime I show them how much the plants have grown (thank you, Miracle Gro).


  5. Somebody gave my kids sea monkeys. The girls were fascinated for exactly 2 days. sigh. And they did not live long at all.

  6. I remember the adds from the back of comics too. and to be honest ~blush~ up until a few years ago, I didn't think they were real. I thought they were some sort of toy. But. . . to my defense, I've spent precious little time pondering the life of sea monkeys. ;0)

  7. I remember these little guys. What a blast from the past that was for me.

    We got them for the kids when they were young.

  8. Okay so I have tried this out but it was a disaster. It may have been because the directions were in Korean though!