Monday, October 5, 2009

Dilly in the Bear Caves!

I just had to share this photograph with you. This is Kaitlyn as she visited the Bear Caves in Allegany State Park. As you see, she took A New Job for Dilly with her! I can only imagine how thrilled Dilly was to check out the caves with Kaitlyn. I'm sure Dilly appreciated Kaitlyn holding him close, as those caves can be a little scary, even for a rat as brave as Dilly.

I am SO blessed -- I have the greatest friends! I saw this picture when I got home from Yellowstone last week and I was so tickled that my friend had posted it on Dilly's fanpage on Facebook. Stuff like this makes writing children's books worthwhile. Thank you, Tricia -- this picture of Dilly & Kaitlyn totally made my day! Please give her a big hug for me!

It's kind of funny because, as we were driving to Yellowstone last week Nathan said, "Sometime we should print up a Dilly and bring him with us, like we did with Flat Stanley." By the time he said it, we were already on the road and it was too late. It was ironic Nathan said that because at the same time Tricia and her family were taking Dilly on a trip of their own.

I would love to see more photographs of your kids with Dilly. Kelly Polark posted on one her blog recently when she gave the book to her son for his birthday. It would be cool to not only see Dilly with kids who enjoy his story, but also photos like Kaitlyn's where Dilly is out and about with them. So, if you like, please send me photos of your kids (or you!) with Dilly. Let me know if it would be okay to post them online, here on my blog and maybe Facebook. I'd love to see the places Dilly has been, as well as his little fans!


  1. Well I haven't taken any pictures yet but we have recommended Dilly for our 'book day' at Ryan's kindergarten. Each child was told to come home and choose a book that they wanted to share with their class. Ryan immediately decided on Dilly - with no mom influence at all! Our turn is not for a couple of months but hopefully I can take a picture of 'Dilly goes to school!'

  2. A traveling Dilly would be a great idea! Cute pic of Dilly and sweet little girl in the caves!

  3. Tracy -- That's so cool about Ryan taking Dilly to school with him. Give him a big hug for me. I can't wait to see pictures if you can take some.

    Kelly -- Thanks again for your picture and also for recommending Dilly on your blog. I am glad your son likes the book!

  4. I'm glad you liked the picture. It was a fun weekend for Dilly and our family. We have recently discovered that Kaitlyn does not share Dilly's love for pickles, but they remain friends anyway :)

    I should mention that the Wiki page your link goes to has a picture of the very spot we were staying. The picture of Mt. Tuscarora next to the list of hiking trails was taken at the place we camp every fall. It's beautiful out there!

  5. Hi Tricia -- The park looks like a great place. I haven't seen much of NY other than NYC and a little of upstate. One of these days maybe I'll get back east and see more. Cute about Kaitlyn not liking pickles. My boys don't care for them either, but like Kaitlyn, they still love Dilly. :)