Sunday, October 11, 2009

Freaky Eaters

Do you have any odd or weird eating habits? The other day a friend of mine posted on Facebook how her son had bit off all the white tips of the candy corn and left the chewed on stubs in the bowl. Being the candy corn freak I am, I had to laugh at this because I too, have been known to eat candy corn section by section. However, it got me thinking of other weird eating habits I have, as well as my family.

I grew up in the 1970s and cereal was a big deal. I used to eat all the cereal bits out of my Lucky Charms and save the marshmallows for last. When I ate Fruit Loops, I slowly picked out the loops by color. As a kid, I'd sometimes sprinkle dry Nestle Quik over my Cheerios. One of my friends and I used to love smashing up nacho cheese Doritos into little pieces and eating the crumbs. Weird, I know. M&Ms, Skittles, and jellybeans were sorted by color. Jelly Bellies have to be eaten by color, unless you mix them just right. Ever toss a handful of those in your mouth at once? Ick -- some flavors don't mix. Also, when I was growing up, my mom's best friend used to eat her meals one course at a time. She'd eat her vegetable first, followed by the meat, or whatever was being served. She couldn't take a bite of one thing and then a bite of another.

My kids have their own weird eating habits. The other day Nathan said he was going to make himself lunch. I asked what he made and he said, "A waffle sandwich." Turns out, a waffle sandwich is 3 Eggo waffles -- 2 on the outside and 1 in the middle to make the sandwich. Okay, so now I'm thinking maybe my chocolate milk Cheerios wasn't so weird. When we were in CA, we lived close to a Wendy's restaurant. Nicole loved dipping French fries into her chocolate frosty. Neil is a very picky eater and reluctant to try anything new right now, so I really can't think of any weird habits he has. One thing he does is smell food, which reminds me of Hawkeye in M*A*S*H. Nichelle doesn't seem to do anything freaky either. However, if we have Skittles in the house, I do notice the red, purple, and orange ones disappear faster than the others. Eventually, there's just a bowl of yellow and green. Someone is trying to pull a fast one on me!

Rick has his own odd eating habits. He's Mr. Ketchup and puts it on everything. God help us if we don't have a Back-Up Ketchup in the cupboard! I think we might have 2 back-ups right now, so maybe he's preparing for winter. He also puts Fritos and potato chips on sandwiches, and then says I don't know what I'm missing when I make fun of him. Even my cat eats weird -- Belle will take one or two bites of food and then walk away from her bowl. Five minutes later she comes back and does it again. I guess that's good. My in-law's cats just sit at their bowls and eat like pigs. I guess we all have our own weird little food quirks. I always thought I was weird for liking baked potatoes plain (cold, with nothing on them), but after seeing everyone else eat around here, I guess I'm in good company.


  1. Bahahaha I love that face!

    I'd say the quirkiest (is that a word?) thing Ellie does is take her sandwiches apart when eating them, except for PB&J. She eats the bread first, then whatever is in the middle. She's pretty picky, though. If she perceives it as looking weird/wrong, she won't eat it, no matter how tasty it is!

    Maddie does the same thing, only she will take her PB&J apart. Oy. She'll at least try anything once before saying yay or nay.

    TH has so many quirky (and picky) eating habits. Too many to list here, anyway!

    As for me...honestly, I can't think of any! I'm game for trying anything once, within reason.


  2. That's funny, Gale. Neil is sort of weird about not wanting his foods to touch each other. But he's not as bad as some kids who totally flip out over it. Also, if something has been sitting for awhile, it's "old" and he won't touch it. Doesn't matter if "awhile" has been 5 minutes. Ugh!

  3. My sister and I used to have SLOW races to eat our ice cream ..... It was such a luxury in our house growing up that we always wanted our share to last forever and we would eat the teensiet spoonfuls possible so we could be the one who finished last. ( and in our small minds it meant it was the one who had had the most. *:)

  4. Too funny! If Rick is Mr. Ketchup - then my daughter Jessica is Ms. Ketchup! She eats it literally on everything - every type of meat, vegetable, potato- all must be dipped into ketchup. She even dips her toast and jam into it! Yuck!

    I myself am a 'food sniffer' - no matter what food I am eating, I have to smell it first... it drives Vince crazy! lol

    My dad eats his food in order too - even McDonalds. He finishes all his fries before moving on to his burger.

    Ryan is a little hoover so I can't think of anything quirky that he does - we just make sure to keep our hands away from his plate so he doesn't eat them too!

  5. HeeHee! I know about eating M & Ms by color. I'd eat them in a particular order beinging with green I think, the last four were ALWAYS orange, red, light brown, dark brown. I liked eating the crust off any piece of bread first, then eating the rest of the bread.

    I too was a picky eater (not any more) and my standard line, when Mom would put something in front of me I didn't recognize, was..."Have I had it before? Did I like it?" You can guess what the answer was.

  6. I ate a lot of bread and milk for breakfast. Okay with nine kids in the family - I ate whatever I could - so I still eat pretty fast. I had to back then, or the food would be gone. Now, it's a freaky habit-I guess.

  7. My husband will eat dill pickles with peanut butter on them. he says it is delicious.
    My daughter has to dip everything in Ranch dressing. She will even dip her fruit in it and cookies!
    My son Tony used to be a catsupaholic. He had to have it on everything. He even had his potato chips and fritos dipped in that stuff.
    I used to have to have all my food not touching and then would eat one thing at a time. I never noticed it until my new hubby pointed it out. I will eat in random order now and my food can touch but I prefer it not ot.
    Ding Dongs I like to eat the chocolate off the outside and then suck out the creamy filling and then eat the cake.
    Any colored candy has to be eaten by color.
    Oh my weirdest thing? I crave the taste of dirt. You know how it smells with the first rainfall after a hot spell? That smell is what I want to taste. I have even had to lick rocks to try and get it. I know GROSS!
    I also love to chew on paper. This is really getting out of hand for me being as I am going through notebooks like mad. *embarassing*
    I also bit off parts of my cup coasters. I liked the gritty taste and ened up having to toss 2 sets of coasters due to my nibbles.
    OK I am officially sick right?

  8. What a funny face! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. But I like variety. Not the same thing everyday.