Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fantasy jobs ...

Well, I never did find my stripper shoes, but they were the talk of the night. Rick mentioned them more than once. Pssssst -- I don't have any stripper shoes, just so you know. My 20 year old tiger slippers were the extent of my glamour last night. It was funny though because Rick saw my blog and said he totally expected to find me with blond hair when he got home. The really funny thing is that yesterday morning I cut about 5 inches off my hair and I don't think he noticed. He must have been busy looking for the shoes ...

It was really interesting to see myself with blond hair and blue eyes. The make-up wasn't any big deal because I wear that all the time. In fact, the only thing I changed was the eye shadow and lipstick. That program allows you do change foundation, blush, eyeliner, lashes, and so forth. But for me, the radical part was the hair. The comments I got both here and on my Facebook page were hilarious. People said I looked like a blond Elvira, a vampire queen, to a female version of Joe Elliot from Def Leppard. The comments cracked me up. It had to be the hair because it's definitely rockstar type hair.

Which brings me to a question -- If you could pick any job, what would you choose? I'm not talking about something you're good at. I'm talking like a fantasy job. What's something you've always wanted to do, but never did? For me, I think a fantasy job would be singing in a rock and roll band. I'd love to be able to read/write music, play instruments, as well as sing. I've never been good at singing. I'm the type who avoids going to church because the worship session is too long and I feel stupid standing there. Do I sing out loud and sound like an idiot, or do I just pretend and lipsync? I usually end up fiddling around, shifting my feet, and feeling stupid. I envy people who can sing. Who knows -- maybe someday I'll learn to sing and play in a band. Maybe Joe Elliot and Elvira can give me some pointers!

So, how about you -- what's something you wish you could do?


  1. My fantasy job would be a singer also...I sing in the car (when I'm alone) and I love pretending I'm on stage singing for a crowd...I can't carry a tune, but I think I sound pretty good when the radio is up loud and the car windows are closed and I'm the only one who can hear me...did I mention that I'm also tone deaf...grin...Hugs..

  2. I would say my fantasy job would be a Rockette. :D I LOVE to dance and think it would be fun....but not forever! hahaha.

    I cracked up laughing at your hubby's comments about the hooker shoes. :P

    Have a good day!

  3. Ooh, good question. I've always wished I'd learned to sing and dance, too - but my fantasy job would probably be something like movie director.

  4. I always wished someone would ask this question of me, but nobody ever has. I guess because they figure I have my fantasy job already. :D

    I'd be an archeologist on a dig in the middle of some Ethiopian find. I've always seen myself in a pith helmet.

  5. I really can't think of anything better than being a best selling author. maybe one day . . . . ~sigh~ Here's hoping.

    OK, though, I must go back to my childhood dream of being a bad a** archeologist like Indiana Jones. That would be cool too.

  6. I think I'd love to be a rock n roll singer too. Except I'd get sick of touring after a week. I'd have to sing at venues within five hours of my house!
    I would also like to have a cameo in a funny movie-like a super funny part that people remember the lines but not too big that I would end up in Star magazine.
    But most of all I really want to be a published author of a children's book!

  7. I'd love to look like a vampire queen. ET from Undead and Unwed!

  8. I did the band thing...sang jazz though, not rock. I wanted to be an archeologist when I was kid, something that still fascinates me. And I've always thought it would kind of fun being a movie star.

  9. Oh hmmm now I have to think. I would love to be a famous photographer of kids and wildlife. To work for National Geographic and have my amazing pictures win all kids of awards and be in houses as art work all over the world!

  10. I have always wanted to do a voice for an animated movie, it just looks so fun! Great question Rena!!


  11. Great question Rena! I am not sure what I would want to be except that it would include travelling all over the world. That is my dream and my passion. When Vince and I first talked of marriage, I said that my only requisite was that we went somewhere new on vacation every year. (Ah to be young again!) lol So maybe a reporter who interviews people all over, or a photographer, or perhaps a bazillionaire who just loves to travel. (Better go buy that lotto ticket!)

    P.S. As soon as I read about your 'stripper shoes' I immediately thought of my 'F**k me boots' - that is what Vince called them when he first saw them - back when we were 18! Ah memories.