Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Doodles

Recently I blogged about two books I bought this month -- Boris and Bella and Cinderella Skeleton. The same day I bought those, Neil picked out the one above called Halloween Doodles by Emma Parrish. These are fun books, if you haven't seen them before. Nathan has one called The Boy's Doodle Book that his sister gave him for Christmas. Halloween Doodles is filled with spooky illustrations for kids to complete, such as ...

Finish bandaging the mummy.
Give the werewolf claws.
What are the witches brewing?
Fill the room with webs and spiders.
What is under the bed?
Fill the graveyard with tombstones.

The book features 48 pages of fun illustrations for your child to complete. Neil has been having a blast drawing in the book, adding his own illustrations to the pictures. There are other books in the series, including a Christmas doodle book. Halloween Doodles is for kids ages 4-8, but I think older kids would enjoy it just as much. I loved doing stuff like this when I was a kid. What's cool about these books is that your child can be as simple or as elaborate as they like. The book we got was orange, unlike the black one pictured here, so keep that in mind if you go looking for it. We found ours at Borders. Lots of spooky fun for Halloween!

Don't forget my Caption Contest below -- it's going through Saturday and everyone who leaves a caption comment will be entered in the drawing. The prize is a cool picture book of Yellowstone National Park along with a dark chocolate huckleberry truffle bar. A book with chocolate -- doesn't get any better than that! I've been loving the entries, so please keep them coming ...


  1. I think I'll enjoy Halloween Doodles as much as the kids will.

  2. What a fun book!


  3. I love those finish the drawing books. This one looks like fun. :)