Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Christmas Carol

Yesterday I started reading Dickens' A Christmas Carol to the boys during school. We're reading the Great Illustrated Classics book, so it's an adapted version and not the original from 1843. We have quite a few of these books and they're great introductions to classic stories. I'm sure the boys will enjoy listening to this one -- just as much as I enjoy reading it to them.

What's your favorite version of A Christmas Carol on film? If you want to see a list of them, click here. I haven't seen the older films in ages, so I've been wanting to pick one up sometime. Right now we only have Mickey's Christmas Carol and Muppets Christmas Carol on VHS. Maybe this Christmas I can buy one of the older films. I'd also like to see the newest movie starring Jim Carrey. Nichelle saw that recently and liked it, but said it was pretty dark like the book.

We've only read the first few chapters so far. However, it is hard to read them and not relate them to the Muppets. We watch Muppet Christmas Carol every year. It's one of those must-see films for us at Christmas. They did an amazing job with this one and Michael Caine is brilliant in it. We've had it on VHS for years, but it's one I'd like to replace with DVD sometime. I was just reading that they removed the 5-minute+ song, The Love Is Gone from the DVD. That alone, makes me want to buy it because we all hate that song. It's just way too long and we always fast forward through it. But anyway -- do you have a favorite film version?


  1. I love the Muppets version of this, we watch it this time of year too. I've not seen the older versions, so I'll have to do that sometime.


  2. Hey Rena! I'm a huge fan of the one with George C. Scott. Nothing else compares in my book!

    I actually kind of liked the Bill Murray movie Scrooged, too.

  3. That would have to be Scrooged and A Christmas Carol, the TNT version with Patrick Stewart. I try to catch the latter whenever it's on. The best, IMHO.


  4. I really loved the George C. Scott 1984 movie, but now I have to support the new one because my niece was the producer. Secretly, however, I wasn't fond of the new movie. Please don't tell. :D

  5. I love Muppets Christmas Carol. LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it!! :-) :-)

  6. You can NEVER go wrong with the Muppets, can you?!

    I saw the new one and, although the effects were fabulous, just didn't care for how dark it was. I agree with your daughter.
    Warm Regards,


  7. A Christmas Carol is screening here. Loved the effects. Ditto with your daughter.

  8. I am a big fan of the 1938 version with Reginald Owen and Gene Lockhart...this was the first "Scrooge" movie I saw, so that might be why...

    I just went to a dinner theater to see was very good...Hugs...

  9. Scrooge (1951 film)
    Didn't Henry Winkler do one?

  10. My all time favourite is Scrooged with Bill Murray. I actually watched it last night - it makes me laugh, it makes me cry. People roll their eyes when I say it but it really is one of my top 5 must - see Xmas movies each year!