Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nichelle's Bell

I thought I'd share one of my favorite Christmas tree ornaments today. No, it's not a Lenox or a Sarabella ornament, but it's worth just as much to me. Nichelle made this little silver bell at school when she was 4 years old. That must have been around 1993. It's made from a section of egg carton, some tin foil, a pipe cleaner, and a small bell. It's absolutely perfect.


  1. Homemade kid's ornaments are the best! Joseph made a really pretty ornament in school this year .It is made of different colored beads and has a little picture of him tied on with yarn. He chose to give it to his grandparents. But I want it!


  2. My parents have ornaments that I made like that on their tree. (Sadly alot earlier - more like 1975!) eek. This is the first year that the kids are really into crafts and they have done some at school and alot at home with me. I love that my house is (finally) covered in homemade ornaments.
    No matter how I joke, I know that I am blessed to have 2 kids - my little 'miracle babies.'

    Merry Christmas Rena.

  3. I have some of the kids' old ornaments - nothing better.

  4. I love those kinds of ornaments, they mean more than anything around Christmas time.