Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mud, Pigs and Lemurs ... oh my!

The wonderful and talented illustrator, Nikki Shoemaker is offering her first picture book at a 25% discount from December 7th through December 18th. What's Wrong With Mud? is a delightful book that any child will love. We got this book awhile back and my boys love it. I had it set up in the classroom for a few weeks, but the boys took it into their room and have it proudly displayed on their dresser. Not only do they love the book, but they love the fact that it's by the same lady who is illustrating my Critter Series books. If you email Nikki @ nikki.shoemaker@yahoo.com she will be happy to autograph a copy of What's Wrong With Mud? for you.

Nikki has a few other specials going on right now. If you pre-order Lemur Troops & Critter Groups, she will send you a signed bookplate. This is my book too, so I'm obviously really excited about this. It should be available soon and can be ordered through 4RV Publishing. Don't forget, 4RV is running a 15% discount through December 20th, so now is a great time to order. Also, if you post about the What's Wrong With Mud? discount and Lemur Troops pre-order on your Facebook page or blog, Nikki will enter you into a drawing to win a framed print of one of the Lemur Troops illustrations. I've seen Nikki's work and this is definitely worth entering! For more information on Nikki's specials, click here. Thanks and good luck!


  1. You always make me blush, Rena!!!

    Thanks for the wonderful post and support!!!

  2. What's Wrong With Mud is a delightful book! (Just thought I'd stick my opinion in there!)

  3. Thanks for the bargain info...I'm always looking for good books for the kiddos.

  4. Well, you know what I am going to ask... will we be able to pre-order if we live in Canada? (I am a broken record, I know!)